Friday, July 29, 2016

Great Prince story from Matt Damon (video)

Rolling Stone has posted video of Matt Damon telling a great Prince story on the Jimmy Fallon show.  Of course, all Prince stories bring me joy except the one about his passing in April.

Damon is out promoting his latest film in the Bourne Identity series, Jason Bourne. I've been disappointed by Damon's politics, but I'm still a Bourne fan, so if you see the new film in the New Orleans metro area, you may bump into me.

Monday, June 27, 2016

#PRINCE BET Tribute or When Jennifer Hudson Tore Me Up (Purple Rain Video)

Jennifer Hudson tore my heart out singing "Purple Rain" during the Prince Tribute on the BET Awards last night. I have nothing to add to this other than Stevie Wonder and Tori Kelly appear on this video, too, and perform with love also. Stevie was undone the day Prince died (so many of us were), and Jennifer reboots all the feelings with her performance.

BET producers probably knew she had to be the one to sing Prince's anthem when they saw her impromptu tribute to the beloved megastar with the cast of The Color Purple after his death in April. . . .

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A bittersweet Happy Birthday to Prince, BET Awards plans to drop mic (Video)

Prince Rogers Nelson, his Royal Purpleness, would have been 58 today, June 7, 2016.

In other news about the late, great megastar who died this April, BET Network has promised to deliver "the greatest Prince tribute ever" at its 2016 BET Awards. The list of tribute performers includes Sheila E., Janelle Monae, and D'Angelo, performers who feel more for the legend than mere admiration.

This is not the first time BET has paid tribute to Prince. The network honored him in 2010 with a lifetime achievement awards, but then he was there to enjoy the appreciation. They gave him his flowers while he lived.

Janelle Monae's Prince tribute from 2010's BET Awards.

This year, on Sunday, June 26, 7 p.m. central, the black network intends to honor Prince's memory, make Purple Hippies everywhere happy, and drop the mic at Madonna whose lackluster performance of Purple Rain at this year's Billboard Music Awards made Prince fans holler "Foul!" The material girl let all who adore Prince wondering, "Where is the love, Madonna? Where is the love?"

Nonetheless, BET appears to be offering an olive branch to Roots drummer, Questlove, who produced and promoted Madonna's segment of the BMAs (and later blamed the critical fallout on fans' grief).

Madonna may defend her ego-tripping performance, but -- well -- she failed because her appearance seemed more about her than Prince and more about Billboard's desire to pander to its demographic than to choosing just the right performer for its so-called "tribute." Honest people will admit that just as for Dreamgirls Beyonce didn't land the role of Effie because have the voice for "And I am Telling You," Madonna does not have the chops for "Purple Rain."

However, why sneer at Madonna? The true culprits are the Billboard Music Awards producers who selected her. I cut them a centimeter of slack only for choosing Stevie Wonder to participate.

Surprise Prince, Alicia Keys duet, 'How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore' (video)

Nothing to add here. The video speaks for itself.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Medical Examiner says reports that Prince overdosed are gossip

According to USA TODAY update on Prince's death earlier today,  reports that Prince overdosed are merely gossip.

"Forget those reports that Percocet was found in Prince's body, says the medical examiner's office investigating the musician's still officially mysterious death." 

The paper published an official tweet from the medical examiner's office.

However, that same article has a big headline implying that "Prince was toxic." I hate the Internet sometimes.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

So,, Prince, and Michael Jackson walk into a Vegas bar . . .

Having gotten into several debates about who's the greater genius, Prince or Michael Jackson, I love this story tells Ellen Degeneres on her show in the video above.

The public's always been curious about the tension between Michael Jackson and Prince, which is why I've posted on the topic of their intriguing relationship in the past. Notice I did not say that the two were friends and neither did I say that they disliked each other. I only say that there was a tension, which is a little different.

According to Prince, there was no rivalry between the two of them. In any case and for whatever reason, Prince seemed to raise an eyebrow more at Michael than vice versa, particularly at the story people would tell about Prince turning down being in Michael's "Bad" music video.

Aside from the effective comedic timing and impersonations shows in this video, his representation of Michael as childlike also sticks with me. The Black Eyed Peas star quotes Michael as saying, "Oh, rats!" which is so old-school-kiddie that it makes me think again about the allegations against the King of Pop. It's still possible, as I've told others before, that Michael simply behaved with those children as though he were a child and nothing more.

Prince, however, never seemed to be a child, just playful and funny a times, sexy most others.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Yes, I'm still a bit weepy over Prince's death. That's a pain that will probably never go away, but I'm also dancing and laughing much of the time because I've always appreciated Prince's sense of humor and his eccentric nature, which is one of the reasons I appreciate the story. Another amusing Prince story I love is Kevin Smith's tale of trying to talk to Prince about using his music in a documentary. And then there's Prince himself shaking his head at his audience singing "Cream" off key during his Musicology concert. He tells them later that he wrote "Cream" while looking in the mirror.

 I so wish he had released a totally acoustic CD. Of course, maybe he does have the makings of one in his infamous vault of unpublished music. According to ABC news, there's enough music in Prince's vault to release a Prince album every year for the next century.

H/T to my writer friend Max Reddick for sharing the Ellen video on Facebook.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Van Jones tells the most important Prince story

On CNN, Van Jones tells the truth about Prince's life, which is that Prince was a generous soul. He says this is the most important story to remember about the man other than Prince was a genius musician.

I knew some of what Jones said about what Prince as philanthropist. I remembered his alignment with Yes, We Code and his concern about and help for New Orleans, but much of this I did not know.

The next video is Jones's 2015 interview with USA Today in which he talked about Prince supporting Yes, We Code and that movement'ss first hackathon, which was held in New Orleans in 2014. Prince headlined the Essence Festival here that year. That concert was the last time I saw Prince perform live.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince on New Girl and SNL - 2014

The old video clips of this episode that I had on my 2014 post have vanished, of course. I think Fox made the me private? I don't know. But someone else had this video of Jess & Nick meeting Prince on that episode. This has always made me laugh.

I have quite a few Prince posts because I love him so much, but most of them are missing videos now. Someone always goes around and takes down videos of Prince that someone's managed to get online.

But here is Prince's SNL performance. I hope it plays for you here.

Rest in Peace, beloved Prince

I am a Prince fanatic. That's all I can say because I am undone by news of his death.