Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mo'Nique's spoof of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' (Video)

One sign of midlife goofiness is that you find yourself on the cutting edge a little less often, which is probably why I missed the 2004 BET Awards, that and because BET is not high on my list for viewing pleasure. Nevertheless, my daughter told me to go look up Mo'Nique's impersonation of Beyonce doing "Crazy in Love" from that awards show. I found it at Vanessa UnPlugged, who, btw, was also late with it since she posted it in 2006.

Her post received no comments, and I doubt this one will either. It made me laugh almost as much as Jamie Foxx's "I Wanna Be Your Tennis Ball" tribute to Serena Williams. But I may have laughed while watching Mo'Nique's video a little more at audience reaction. Beyonce's reaction was priceless and showed she's more genuine than some people think she is. Usher's reaction also made me giggle more. Mo'Nique's extra touch of having the wind blowing her hair the way Beyonce tends to do in television appearances was a nice touch too, worthy of few chuckles.

Watching Jamie Foxx's craziness on Tennis Bal, I laughed at both Jamie and the celebrities in the audience. Tom Cruise looked like he would pass out with laughter. Foxx was hilarious because it sounded like a real song except for the nutty lyrics. He did what I was taught in theater is the key to true comedy, other than timing, and that is to play the ridiculous as straight as you can. It's not as funny when the audience knows you're trying to be funny.

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uyscott said...

I've been looking for this video for awhile and have been unable to find it. Thank you for posting it. I loved watching Mo'nique and I admire her for doing it. She honors Beyonce as well as makes fun of her and she is also paying tribute to "the big girls" of the world. She's sending the message that you don't have to be a size 2 to enjoy yourself. No other host or hostess on the BET Awards Show has ever been able to top that moment.

Derailed Poet said...

These are great and Monique was awesome!!!hee hee!!! x