Sunday, July 27, 2008

Randy Pausch Dies at 47 Yet How He Lived Remains

I didn't know that Randy Pausch, 47, the life teacher, passed away until I saw Lisa's post at Black Women Blow the Trumpet. The pancreatic cancer we watched him battle killed him. He's gone, however his lesson on living life in full remains to inspire and challenge us.

In Lisa's post, she reflected on Pausch, said she was taking a break from discussing concerns of black women in particular, and reminded readers that not all white men are racist or practice hatred. Pausch certain did not practice hate.

I suppose some people, due to life experiences and programming, must be reminded or even taught that all white men are not out to get them just as others need to be reminded or taught that not all black men call women "hos," not all carry knives and guns, are unemployed, or abandon their families. The world loves stereotypes because most people don't want to strain their brains and go deeper into perils of the human condition and free themselves of bigotry.

She also posted video of Pausch's "last" lecture, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," and I'm embedding it here as well so I, if no one else, can refer to it often. More than 4 million people, Lisa, and I have watched this video. Most find it inspirational. I certainly do.


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