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Spoiler Warning: SYTYCD Reveals Final Four

Mandi Moore choreographed the opening number of tonight's So You Thank You Can Dance episode during which Cat Deeley revealed the final four. The six dancers, awaiting to hear elimination results, graced the stage dressed in white as they danced to Bette Midler's "The Rose."

Deeley said later in the show that last night's episode moved more than 11 million people to vote. She also said that Nigel's appeal to viewers to register to vote in America's presidential election through during final eight eliminations last Thursday boosted that site's voter registration numbers by 400 percent.

Choreographer and movie director Adam Shankman who served as a guest judge last night, returned with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy this evening to hear which four dancers move on to next week's finale. Shankman sweetened the winner's pot for the dancers and said whoever wins the title of America's Favorite Dancer this year will also win a featured dancer role in his next movie. You may remember that he directed the hit movie musical Hairspray.

Nigel reminded the final six that two dancers, one guy and one girl, would be eliminated tonight and eventually five of the final six would bite the dust because there can be only one America's favorite. He told them one of the challenges any dancer must face is rejection and despite being extremely talented, they should each expect of face rejection in the future during their careers, however, he also built them up saying that each and everyone of them received more than a million votes.

Shankman and Mary told the group how exceptional they all are as people and as dancers and what a pleasure it's been to watch them grow. Mary said she was proud of each one.

All top six danced solos tonight before elimination announcements. Courtney went first, dancing to "Almost Lover" A Fine Frenzy. She didn't seem as free as she has in some of her other solos, which may have been the nerves of the elimination swirling round her. Nevertheless, she's a joy to watch perform.

Mark bounded out to "Wind it Up" by Gwen Stefani. He moves in unusual ways that make his solos entertaining.

Joshua started his solo from a chair. Can't tell you for sure the music he danced to with its synthesized voice because the that stupid announcement warning us that the age of analog TV is coming to an end and how to get your digital converter box filled up the bottom of the screen. All I know is that the boy was on fire.

Chelsie shimmied to "The Girl's Gone Wild" by Travis Tritt. I laughed at the LSU line, "Dolla met a doctor from LSU." LSU, Louisiana State University, is the big state university here. Chelsie looked like she was combining clogging with ballroom, which is fitting, given the Tritt song.

Twitch danced his solo to an oldie but goodie, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. He's so unique, a great sense of the dramatic and the comedic. Cat Deeley said she wasn't sure if he was doing HipHop or ice skating, but he made her smile.

Katee performed to "Beautiful Disaster" by John McLaughlin. As expected, she was quite good. Her mom was in the audience.

The other entertainment

Lil 'Demon (Angelo) performed, dancing to Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa. LOL. So cute, maybe the tiniest B Boy I've ever seen, and a good little gymnast too. He's only 6 years old.

Before Deeley revealed the final four, Lady GaGa performed "Just Dance." Okay, I'm out of touch here. Didn't recognize her. Seemed rather packaged to me, but good for dance music. Here's a link to her website.


Katee's safe. With the three girls beside her Deeley announced Katee's result first. However, she said Katee didn't necessarily get the highest votes after last night's episode. So, she landed somewhere in the middle, I guess.

Courtney's safe too and will be in the finale with Katee. As Nigel and the other judges said, anyone of them could've moved forward because they were all good, but I thought Chelsie might beat out Courtney because sometimes American audiences favor blondes, especially blondes who look great in red. Fooled me. Chelsie will not be in the finale.

I was shocked about Courtney, but glad, because even though Chelsie's fun to watch and clearly talented, I recall Courtney all the way back in auditions and liked her instantly. I figured Katee would be among the finalist, but it was a toss-up between Chelsie and Courtney as far as America's reality TV votes go.

Joshua, who looks even cuter with out his braces, was safe and goes onto the finale. His family and friends cheered in the audience. I don't know if his father was there, however, the man that Nigel credited for giving Joshua' his fine butt.

Twitch looked like he was praying while he waited for Deeley to reveal who would move on, Mark or him. And, OMG, Twitch beat out Mark! I'm surprised, I thought the audience would have trouble choosing between the two HipHop dancers (between Joshua and Twitch) and that Mark would get into the finals by default, not to say Mark's not talented, but Joshua and Twitch surpass him by a crumb on personality. All three fellas, though, seem pretty lovable. My daughter will be ecstatic when she gets home and watches tonight's results show.

They saved revelation of the final four until the end, but here they are for you: Joshua, Katee, Twitch, and Courtney. Tune into your local Fox Network next week for the show's finale. Who do you think will win?

And here's video of Joshua and Katee dancing the Tyce D'Orio piece from last night to "All By Myself" by Celine Dion. The background story was a Romeo and Juliet type relationship.

Couldn't resist also throwing in the Paso Doble too, choreographed by Jason Gilkison of SYTYCD Australia. Music is "Filet" from Le Reve.

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