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SYTYCD Top 6: I luuved Tyce D'Orio's Routine

With Will's elimination last week, we know that it's now anyone's game on So You Think You Can Dance, especially for the guys. Listed below are the names of the final six with each name linked to its page at the Fox site:Tonight they paired up as follows: Mark and Courtney, Twitch and Chelsie, and Katee and Joshua.

Mark and Courtney
danced the Viennese Waltz to "This is The Time of My Life," sung by American Idol winner David Cook. The producers really work to cross-promote these two shows. Guest judge Adam Shankman liked their performance as did the other two judges, Mary and Nigel. Yes, the two were quite graceful and fluid. Jason Gilkison of SYTYCD Australia choreographed their routine. Shankman said he's so glad he doesn't have to decide between the final six.

Sonya Tayeh choreographed a jazz routine for the pair's second number. I found it provocative, and the dancers did a great job. The piece was one of those battle of the sexes stories danced to "Garden" by Mirah, had a S&M flavor. Courtney wore one fishnet stocking ripped and torn while her other leg was bare. She also wore a black bustier and black bottoms the size of panties. Mark seemed done up in the remnants of formal attire.

Adam said it was "sick" and again that he's glad he has nothing to do with voting because he absolutely loved it. He praised Sonya as a fresh new talent. Mary said it was the weirdest fight scene she'd ever seen in her life and she loved it too. Nigel said the routine was unmistakably Sonya. He also said the piece really suited Mark's quirkiness and that the pair's performance was one of the highlights of the night.

Joshua and Katee came together again, the first time since the beginning of the season. They performed a contemporary piece by Tyce D'Orio to Celine Dion's "All by Myself." A sexy, brilliant routine from Tyce. Joshua's leap and then Katee's leap and split into his arms gave me chills, so passionate and incredibly difficult. The audience stood up and screamed when they finished. Shankman thought it was the best Tyce has ever done with SYTYCD choregraphy. He said Katee and Joshua are the "most exciting dancers to ever grace the SYTYCD stage" and with Tyce they're the "holy trinity" of So You Think You Can Dance. Shankman knows how to lay it on.

Mary also said it was the most beautiful thing she'd seen on the show and that they may both be headed to the finals. Nigel went on again about how Joshua's never had classical training (I think Joshua's had one or two ballet lessons) and how Joshua's nailed the routines he's been given on the show.

For their second number they danced a Paso Doble to "Filet" from the Le Reve soundtrack. Joshua in no shirt, hmm, I should be younger. It was a dynamic routine--passion, passion, and more passion choreoghraphed by Gilkison. When they finished, Joshua dragged Katee, who was lying down as the conquered bull, across the stage with masculine confidence.

Mary said when Katee and Joshua are together they're true magic on the stage, and then she did her signature scream that blows out Nigel's ears. Nigel said if Joshua keeps dancing the way he's been dancing, he's going to steal the show. He also commended Gilkison's choreography.

Tony and Melanie choreographed a Mambo for Twitch and Chelsie's first routine. They danced to Ahora Me Toca A Mi. Lots of fast stepping there, but it could have been hotter to me chemistry wise. I felt them concentrating, which makes it less fun to watch, but Chelsie's hips shook wonderfully in that red dress. Shankman said something similar as far as Chelsie goes. He was drawn to her in her "hot tomato red." He thought Twitch could've done better but still gave the HipHop dancer props. Like Shankman, Mary said Chelsie drew her eyes as a hot tamale and firecracker, but she was also proud of Twitch for pulling off a difficult dance routine after only five and half hours.

Nigel commented on Chelsie's hotness too but he also showed Twitch some love. Nigel caught the same thing I did, however, that at least one of them, Twitch, had to concentrate.

Second time around, Chelsie and Twitch did HipHop by Tabitha and Naoleon Dumo. Tabitha described the routine as character driven. Each dancer was a music composer and they fought for control of the conductor "stick." I had not heard Janet Jackson's "Control" redone by The Vitamin String Quartet. It worked well for the Dumo's routine, and Chelsie and Twitch were entertaining.

Back in the day, Walter Murphy and The Big Apple Band put classical music such as Beethoven's Fifth to a disco beat and called it "A Fifth of Beethoven." The Vitamin String Quartet seems to have done what he did in reverse with Jackson's music. I may buy it.

Shankman said Tabitha and Napoleon bring humor and thought to their HipHop routines. He appreciated Twitch's skill as a dancer but once gain declared Chelsie the hotter of the two, it seemed. He turned to the judges, saying he wanted them to try to find something she can't do well.

Mary said Twitch has been outstanding in most of his work on the show and tonight he was on the money. She also said Chelsie was unbelievable in a good way tonight. As Nigel raved about the pair, he said you can watch SYTYCD even if you don't give a damn about dance because the show is entertaining. He also said any one of the final six could win the title America's Favorite Dancer because all are talented enough to deserve it.

Chelsie was good, but I forgot to note the song she chose. Ballroom dancers tend to do the same things in solos over and over to me, but Chelsie's still entertaining.

Twitch danced to "Midas Touch" by Midnight Star with lots of humor and skill. What a comedian! Funnier was that Cat Deeley tried on the eye glasses he wore and the gold teeth, spit and all. Eeeww!

I missed the song Joshua danced to, but he's always fun to watch. It was a HipHop number naturally since that's his specialty.

Courtney gave my favorite solo from a female tonight. She danced to "Rock Your Soul" by Elisa.

I think Katee danced to "Can't Stop" by Maroon 5, but I could be wrong on that one. What can I say about her solo except the girl's gifted.

Mark's danced to "Bum Like You" by Robyn. The boy is indeed quirky, and I like him more and more.

Gillian Lynne was in the audience tonight, the choreographer of Cats and Phantom and the Opera. She applauded the Twitch/Katee/Tyce piece after Nigel acknowledged her presence. In addition, after Shankman told the audience that he met Tyce in the 90s performing at the Oscars, he acknowledged Paula Abdul as a choreographer in the audience.

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