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West Coast Spoiler Warning: SYTYCD Top 8 Eliminations Here

LL Cool J performed tonight on the top 8 elimination for So You Think You Can Dance (Read last night's recap at this link.). I thought that he had abandoned HipHop for acting. He performed "I'm Your Baby" featuring The Dream. To me, it's got that old-school HipHop feel as far as beat and lyrics go, but I'm no HipHop expert.

Young girls jiggled all around him during the number. I would've enjoyed it more if LL Cool J had taken off his shirt, but you're not here for that right? You want to know who went home on So You Think You Can Dance.

Tonight's elimination show opened with a HipHop routine to Common's "Universal Mind Control. The dancers donned futuristic, skin-tight costumes and wore face paint. The number was edgy, hard hitting, and very entertaining. Sadly, I missed Cat Deeley announcing the name of the choreographer.

Toni Basil, Mary, and Nigel were back to learn whether America agreed with their critiques of last night's performances. During their introductions tonight, Basil said, "Dancing is my addiction. It's my drug of choice," after sharing some of her dance training history.

Nigel Lythgoe reminded the audience that American Idol and SYTYCD attract millions of votes to choose performers, but the most important vote is our vote for the next President of the United States. He pointed out that he and Cat are not U.S. citizens and so don't have the privilege of voting in this historic election, and directed viewers to the website, where you can register to vote online.

On to the Eliminations

Comfort, who danced with Mark last night, stood before the audience. I thought the Fox Trot did them both in last night, but only Comfort landed in the bottom two tonight. Mark, the only white guy left in the competition, was safe. (BTW, I wrote that paragraph before the Deeley announced Comfort and Mark's results.)

The rest of the dancers who awaited their fates looked pretty shaken up when they saw Mark was safe. I think they expected he and Comfort would go home together. Cat called Chelsie out next, and Chelsie was safe.

Twitch, who really had a good solo last night and danced to Mercy with Katee beautifully, fell into the bottom two. He broke down when he heard the news but turned and showed us his wonderful smile anyway.

My daughter was most unhappy to learn that both Twitch and Will were in the bottom two. The safe Mark doesn't appeal to that girl much.

Will learned he was in the bottom early tonight, and the news seemed to stun the audience. Uh, yes, you read it right, Will landed in the bottom two.

Joshua was safe with his partner Chelsie. He's adorable and talented, but it may have been that butt of his that pumped up his votes.

Courtney knew she was not safe because the two safe girls, Chelsie and Katee, had already been announced.

Two Dancers from the Los Angeles Ballet Company performed tonight. They did a piece from the ballet Who Cares, I think, and danced to "The Man I love" I wish knew more, but a telemarketer called me as they were announced. And then he wouldn't get off the phone. I had to say good-bye and hang up. The audience seemed to really like the ballet dancers. I heard gleeful screams.

Solos tonight could not change the vote
. They were done as last hoorahs in case the dancer ended up going home. Comfort regressed, using less of the stage and apparently not taking Nigel's advice to use more choreographed steps.

The Solos

Will's solo was quite good, showing his technical expertise and training. Nigel said his solo last night was fantastic, and that he and Twitch were the best performers last night. He speculated that people may have assume that Will and Twitch were so good they'd get the votes and therefore the voters who could've made the difference didn't bother to call in to save them.

I'll say it again. Will's "James Brown" solo last night was hot! And I truly enjoyed Twitch's unique moves. However, I liked Mark's solo too last night, and Joshua's as well. I think tonight's vote reflects the show having a great crop of male dancers this year and that makes it hard for America to choose.

Courtney came on pretty spicy in her solo. Definitely showed her spunky personality.

Twitch danced to Kool and The Gang's "Hollywood Swinging" with fantastic style and humor. He's not only a talented dancer, but a talented choreographer also.

And they're out of there!

It's a top 6 now. Comfort was voted off again. No surprise there. She should go into acting, I think, because she's not only a good dancer but also has great personality and seems naturally dramatic. She said she was blessed to be there. Comfort's handled repeatedly being in the bottom very gracefully.

Big shocker of the night: Will went home! I suspected this outcome, and as I wrote the result of Mark's vote before the announcement, I also wrote Will's result before Cat Deeley announced it. (My daughter's my witness.) Will Winfield appears to be a great guy raised by a good mother. He encouraged aspiring dancers in his final words.

So, maybe we'll see Debbie Allen come back as a judge since she no longer has a conflict of interest with her protege, Will, being in the mix. The judges praised him repeatedly throughout the competition. I wonder how their lavishing of love influenced folks to vote him off. But we don't have to worry about Will's future. Some dance company or movie company will surely scoop him up.

For your viewing pleasure, here's YouTube video of Twitch and Katee dancing to "Mercy" on last night's show, a Mia Michaels routine.

Finally, here's the SYTYCD site at the Fox Network.

My previous posts on this season's episodes of SYTYCD are here.

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daddy in a strange land said...

Found your blog googling for early results on the West Coast, so thanks. :)

But, um, Mark's not white. He's biracial Asian American from Hawaii. said...

Hello there!

That pic of Uncle L is just unbelieveable!! Is that REALLY his body or is that the craftiness of digital enhancements??

{shaking my head}

I am so dizzy, I can't even comment on the post!



Vérité Parlant said...

Hi, Daddy in a Strange Land.

I didn't realize that. Well, I guess what I mean is he's the only non-African-American male left in the competition, and that's a first for SYTYCD.

With Will gone, Mark is now also the only guy with significant formal training isn't he?

Thanks for the information. :-)


Vérité Parlant said...

Lisa, that's an older picture of LL. He was pretty ripped when it was taken. Don't know if he's as tight now though. :-)

ByJane said...

It's getting down to the wire, so the favorites are all going to be going at some point. Unless, of course, they win. I'm thinking it will be Twitch, don't you???