Friday, August 8, 2008

Homage to the Rabbits: Wade Robson and Cirque du Soleil

From last night's final episode of 2008 season So You Think You Can Dance, Wade Robson's choreography, Cirque du Soleil performers, from "Believe," a Criss Angel project. "Believe" opens in Vegas this September. "Homage to the Rabbits" music is by Eric Serra.

I loved this routine, and of course, I enjoyed seeing Joshua win the title of America's Favorite Dancer and Twitch as the runner up. Read the recap here.

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Mekhismom said...

Oh, I loved this number too. So much so that I think I am going to try to convince my husband that we need to go to Vegas and see Cris Angel. Perhaps we can do it for our 3rd anniversary- we were married there so it would be appropriate.