Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Deleted the Mummy 3 Widget Because I Loathe the Movie

Friday night I saw The Mummy 3, Tomb of The Dragon Emperor, starring Brendan Fraser (Rick O'Connell) and Jet Li as the mummy. It was awful. I like Brendan. I love Jet Li. And I've liked the other movies in The Mummy franchise, but during this last one I squirmed in my seat, wishing I could go home and sleep. I really hated it, and so did my 17-year-old son. Its many explosions and fight scenes couldn't save it even for a teenage boy.

The comedic timing was off and it was slow. The writing lacked imagination. Every moment was predictable except the appearance of the Yetis, which was a pretty stupid addition just the same. Most of all, I missed Rachel Weisz as Evelyn O'Connell.

In the Mummy 3, Maria Bello takes on the role of Evelyn. She may have been okay in other roles, but she drowned Evie O'Connell's fire and humor. It seemed like she was simply delivering lines and waiting for her paycheck. Did she even watch the first two Mummy flicks?

And watching Luke Ford who played Alex O'Connell, Rick and Evie's son, was like watching snow melt. Freddie Boath, the kid who played Alex in The Mummy Returns was far more entertaining and lively.

I think I heard once that there would be no Mummy 3 because the stars didn't want to do another one. Weisz stuck to her guns on bowing out. Fraser should have. Li's excused because he probably thought it would be good the same way I did.

Roger Ebert thought it was plain dumb fun. For me it was just dumb and no fun at all. As I said up front, I wanted my bed and pillows.

I deleted the widget on my blog that advertised The Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, because I don't want to plug the movie. Can't recommend it.


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Patrick Roberts said...

Sounds like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was a lot of what most people expected... I can't help thinking that Brendan Frasier tries too hard