Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav's Night in St. Tammany Parish and More on Evacuees

The sewerage system is out in Slidell, La., and much of the electricity, reports The Times Picayune. According to The St. Tammany News, officials advise St. Tammany Parish residents to stay away for now and not return to the parish on Tuesday, perhaps not even Wednesday.

Trees and debris block roads, and some roads are covered with water, a state trooper told STN.

In the Times Picayune story, the reporter said that if people flush their toilets in Slidell, sewerage will back up and flood over onto the floor. Until the power's restored, folks have been ordered not to flush. "Gustav bullied St. Tammany, but was no Katrina," says Times.

If you're concerned about property in St. Tammany, STN has some good pics likes this one of a Mandeville home.

Orleans Parish

WWL TV has a list of reopenings for NOLA and surrounding parishes. Nagin says don't come back just yet, but the opportunity to return will be in days not weeks as it was in Katrina.

While water's overtopped the levees in the 9th Ward along the Industrial Canal, the damage doesn't measure up to Katrina, thank God. And my parents home in the 7th Ward is likely to be safe as well from flooding. Here's a link to the Times Picayune's Orleans Parish section: Link.

I'm in Memphis with relatives. According to WREG TV, Channel 3 in Memphis, 32,000 Louisiana evacuees are in shelters here in Shelby County. Some of them have pets that have been housed separately.

We have at my aunts house with us three dogs and a cat right now, but only because my brother and his wife left with their dog to visit Mississippi relatives. Another cousin, who has a dog, did not need to evacuate. Otherwise we could have had as many as five dogs and cat here on any given day.

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I am glad to hear that you are doing well - as are all of the animals.