Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain Cancels Appearance on CNN After Campbell Brown Asks Hard Questions

McCain's already whining, afraid to take the heat. He won't go on Larry King Live, which airs on CNN, because he and his cohorts believe CNN is not playing fair when it comes to his VP nominee, Sarah Palin. Really, this man should be asked to explain a lot more than his choice of Sarah Palin, but as it stands the venerated war hero is scared of CNN and Larry King possibly asking him a question about Palin he can't answer.
This afternoon, anchorman Wolf Blitzer announced on air that McCain's planned interview with Larry King tonight had been canceled by the campaign. Blitzer said McCain aides complained that Brown had gone "over the line" in her grilling of Bounds. (LA Times)
I'm sure the McCain camp will play this off as no different from Barack Obama boycotting Fox News a while back. But Obama didn't boycott FOX News because of one interview questioning one of his political decisions. Obama gave Fox the silent treatment because Fox News consistently delivers lies as facts and twists meanings by recasting what interviewees have said in false light. (I've got a personal testimony on Fox News' duplicity and fact twisting, but won't go into it now.)

Okay, I saw CNN anchor Campbell Brown interview McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds yesterday. Poor Tucker's talking points didn't work too well for him and he sounded stupid trying to answer the simple question of whether Sarah Palin has foreign affairs experience. He hung himself by saying Palin has commander in chief because she is considered the commander in chief of the National Guard in Alaska.

My cousins and I were watching the interview. (We're staying at my aunt's in Memphis during our evacuation from Louisiana.) And one cousin, speaking of Tucker Bounds said, "Oh, he's really messed up. They're not going to let him talk in front of the camera anymore."

I've written talking points before and trained others to talk to the media; so, I almost felt sorry for Tucker ... almost, but not quite. I laughed my behind off. Here's video of Tucker's tangling with Campbell. Judge for yourselves. Did Campbell Brown go overboard or did she simply asks him tough questions he couldn't answer?

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ByJane said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk! That's me screaming in frustration. The RNC is only one day in, and already I could repeat ALL of their talking points!!!!