Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain is McChicken? No, McTrickin

Thinking on McCain's recent call to suspend the campaign and find a solution to the current economic crisis, I've been plagued by an old rap song playing in my head, the 1986 hit by Run D.M.C., "It's Tricky." Readers, blame what I'm about to share also on my son, now a teenager, but as a young boy used to play a video game constantly that had "It's Tricky" in it over and over.

Today, each time I heard more news about McCain calling off his campaign to go to Washington, his calling on Barack Obama to put down arms and show bipartisan good faith, and run back to the Capitol with him to fight this economic crisis, "It's Tricky" popped in my mind. Additionally, when I consider that it was Barack Obama who first approached McCain about addressing the economic issue with a bipartisan solution and how McCain beat him to the punch with his announcement to suspend his campaign and skip the upcoming presidential debate in Mississippi, I further contemplate that McCain and Republicans leaders must believe that there's a sucker born every minute who's most likely an American voter.

And so, I offer to you a rewrite of or play on Run D.M.C.'s "It's Tricky" lyrics to reflect what I think of McCain's campaign and his latest ploy. (Please forgive me, Run.)

It's McTrickin
(written by V. Parlant as inspired by Run DMC and John McCain's campaign strategies)

The trick's McCain's survival.
It's absolutely vital
to stop Barack
who seems on top,
McCain gets so McTricky. Yeah, McTricky. So, McTricky!

Yo! McCain goes:

It's tricky to stop Barack
to cop to change but stay the same.
McTricky (Palin?) Yeah, McTricky tricky tricky

It's tricky to stop Barack
to cop to change but stay the same
McTricky. I'm McTricky tricky tricky.

I met this gov'nor lady who some say may be shady
went on and picked her as a trick cuz women vote too, baby!
Now that Wall Street is crashin, I need some way to cash in.
I'm calling off my campaign to play the superman game

The media's on my case saying I tell lies
But I'm the maverick wreaking havoc, not Obama, guys!
The Times is out to get me, and CNN won't let me
rewrite the past as I see fit. They only want to vet me.


The change theme that I stole's not playing in the polls
My points are down, I'm losing ground. Barack is on a roll!
I don't know economics but I really know some bomb tricks
So, I'm grasping at this crisis to play games with what I can't fix.
Look, I'm your savior, see. Bipartisan! That's me.
Don't know the DOW from a Jersey cow,
But to Washington I'll flee.

Here, I come to save the day! Yo!

It's tricky to stop Barack
I don't know what he's got.
He's smart ... I mean elitist,
I might sound like the weakest
if I debate Obama
while Wall Street's at its bleakest.

It's tricky to stop Barack
to cop to change but stay the same
when Palin's bloom is paling,
our economy is failing.
It's tricky (how is it?) McTricky, tricky, tricky.

Some call me now McChicken
'cuz I'm running from my lickin.
Barack is up and kickin,
and the clock is surely tickin
but don't call me no McChicken.
cuz I'm more into McTrickin.

It's tricky to stop Barack
to cop to change but stay the same
McTricky. I'm McTricky, tricky, tricky!

V.Parlant 9/2008

If you aren't familiar with Run D.M.C.'s original song, you can find the original lyrics at MTV here at this link. Also, here's the video at YouTube. Watching the video, I think my lyrics here must be the ones sung by the Penn and Teller characters. And in case you didn't know, Republicans do rap. Remember MC Rove?

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lilalia said...

The irony of it all. Except that it was believable with Obama. With McCain, I'm left thinking that his wanting out of the Friday's debate has less to do with the economic crisis (after all, something that has taken eight years to create, can't be mended in one week, or even a duration of a two hour debate) and more to do with him being so old that he can "chew gum and walk at the same time". As someone whose growing old myself, this is hard to admit.

Vérité Parlant said...

I'm in the same quandary, Lilalia. My gut says something's wrong with McCain and it may be his aging process is not going well. He's made huge gaffes, had facts terribly screwed up, and changes his mind on issues so much that I wonder does he have a mind left to change? However, I don't want to stand up and say "He's too old and not thinking clearly" because to say that would sound like I'm suggesting elderly people can't lead. But if I say it, I'm not talking about any older person just THAT older person, and one day I may be like that older person. I too am growing old myself.

Mekhismom said...

Oh, I love this. I find it unbelievable that a Presidential candidate cannot multitask. And why cancel the debate? How about relocate if it is that necessary for them to be in Washington? I know it is back on now but I truly believe you hit the nail on the head he is "tricky."