Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Michelle Obama on Equal Pay at BlogHer and More on Her Image

Yes, I was one of the people over at BlogHer leaving a comment for Michelle Obama, who in her second BlogHer post discusses equal pay for women and her upcoming North Carolina and Virginia appearances. She said she's learned something while on the campaign trail:
During the past 19 months, I’ve learned that, at its best, “campaigning” is just another word for “talking with people.” And talking with people is something I truly love to do. That’s why, since the beginning of this campaign, I’ve been hosting roundtable discussions—particularly with two groups of people that America doesn’t hear from enough: working mothers and military spouses.
While I applauded Mrs. Obama for taking on the important issue of equal pay and for posting at BlogHer again, I brought up a less formidable topic, taking advantage of Michelle Obama being so approachable, and shared the following story about the Michelle Obama image and my 26-year-old daughter:
On a lighter note, my daughter, age 26, opened a layout of you in the September issue of Essence Magazine (I think) and looking at picture of you, she ran to me and said, "Mom. It's not fair! Look at her legs!" We were in Memphis at an Aunt's house after evacuating Louisiana during Gustav, and I think it was a shot of you in pants looking rather leggy.

I laughed at her faux outrage because we've had our mother-daughter talks on body image enough, and she knows she should accept her great but shorter legs. I could tell by her eyes she was not really jealous but impressed that you looked so stylish and that you're someone she's proud to see in the spotlight.
I tried to verify that it was a picture in Essence Magazine that my daughter saw, but since I didn't snag my aunt's copy of the magazine featuring those great Michelle Obama pictures, I had to search the web. I found out it was not an Essence shoot but an Ebony photo shoot (My middle-age memory issues undoubtedly contributed to my not recalling which magazine my daughter showed me).

Nevertheless, while investigating, I came across a fantastic interview over at NPR on Michelle Martin's show "Tell Me More" with Ebony magazine's Harriette Cole, and Tatsha Robertson, news editor of Essence Magazine. The three women discussed Michelle Obama's image in comparison to Cindy McCain, Hillary Clinton (as First Lady), and Laura Bush in terms of media coverage as well as attempts to paint Michelle Obama into a stereotype of black womanhood.

Here's the link to that NPR piece, and also here's the link again to Michelle Obama's post at BlogHer, "Fighting for Equal Pay."

I recommend a drop by Blogher to read both Michelle's post and the discourse between a conservative BlogHer CE who supports John McCain and other women who support Barack Obama. And of course there are others who just get plain old nasty, but Michelle can take it. She's a strong woman.

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Mekhismom said...

thank you for posting this. I will go check out the post on blogher. I have some news - I am going to Disney World for the 2nd Mom Bloggers Mixer. I just wanted to share that with you because I have been hanging around here since I started blogging and you inspire me.

Vérité Parlant said...

What a lovely compliment! Thank you, and enjoy your Mixer. Disney World should be fun too. :-)