Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin's Propaganda vs. Fact

I shared what I thought of Palin's speech tonight and Giuliani's nonsense in the post at this link, but I wanted to also share this article from the AP: Attacks, Praise Stretch Truth at GOP Convention.

It's important, if you want to vote intelligently, to separate Palin's fiction from fact.

I hope that moderators of the upcoming VP debates ask Palin the following question and rephrase it often: "Gov. Palin, do you believe in separation of church and state?" or "Gov. Palin, please explain separation of church and state as reflected in the Constitution of America?" or "Gov. Palin, how have your foreign policy views been shaped by your religious beliefs?"

Her answer could prove enlightening to people who assume freedom of religion is an American right.

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lilalia said...

I just watched Palin's speech on NYT site. Scary. She does come off as being a good speaker and charismatic, but also righteous, lacking in humility, and not afraid to belittle, begrudge, and be belligerent towards Obama. One this she is afraid of though, saying the name Obama. Odd, don't you think? Awfully white gathering as well, wasn't it? As I said, scary, not inspiring.

Vérité Parlant said...

Thanks, Lilalia. I don't know why Republicans can't see in this country that this woman was not a good move. Or maybe they do see it, but aren't concerned about what's good but rather what might win an election.

Suzanne said...

I couldn't believe how many lies came forth from the speakers over the last two nights. This whole thing makes me queasy, and I do fear for the nation. If they somehow enter office - whether through a real victory or vote manipulation - I want to leave. It's just too scary to think about how much more damage they will do.