Monday, September 15, 2008

Political Satire: McCain's Bus Driver Speaks Out

I'll get to the bus driver of McCain's Straight Talk Express and "the maverick truth" in a bit. First I need to discuss the possibility that the McCain camp may be losing ground.

I've heard whispers here and there that Palin's appeal is wearing thin, and the McCain camp may be unable to recover from telling so many lies. There's even speculation that some powerful Republicans don't want the McCain/Palin ticket to win.

The speculation may be wishful thinking by Democrats who fear the Republicans will get away with another fast one in November, but you do wonder what's up when even Karl Rove admits a McCain ad has gone too far and when a Fox News Anchor appears to grill a McCain spokesman rather than laugh and joke with him. It's possible that something's up, and it's also possible that the Republicans believe McCain can't handle our economic crisis. They are, after all, money-oriented as a party.

George W. Bush was probably okay with the Republican elite because W. comes from Oil money and, even better, he had Dick Cheney behind him, often pulling the strings. No way can Sarah Palin be that kind of back up.

Anyway, I thought this might be a good time to share political satire from created by Peter who says he used to work for The Onion. That information alone should let you know the nature of Billy Mires, supposedly the bus driver for McCain's Straight Talk Express who is sending videos to his wife at home about his adventures with McCain. In the video below he's defending Sarah Palin and John McCain against media attacks on the pair's dishonesty.

You may have already seen the Billy Mires the bus driver video (watch below) if you get MoveOn's emails. I confess that I don't open my MoveOn emails that often anymore because I don't have enough time to read so many, and so I got a kick out of The Onion's crazy story, "Obama Deletes Another Email." The caption below the picture of Obama texting really made me laugh. (On the front page of today's Onion the caption under the picture reads, "Ugh, not these people again," Obama was overheard to say as he placed the unread e-mail into the Gmail folder marked "Trash.")

Here's that MoveOn/Billy Mires video. MoveOn has more at Billy Mires' YouTube Channel.

I really like this phrase Billy's coining regarding McCain/Palin speak: "the maverick truth."

This election is so nasty, we need to laugh sometimes. I'm pretty sure McCain will soon have a video of his real bus driver up as though anyone would seriously believe's Billy Mires is a real person who drives the Straight Talk Express. But perhaps they do need to explain that to some McCain supporters who seem to interpret information as though everything is literal.

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