Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public's Not Buying McCain's Maverick Nickname, Suggests Poll

I just read an enlightening article in the New York Times that analyzes results from a resent poll conducted by the newspaper and CBS News. It appears that potential voters are not buying John McCain's attempt to appropriate Barack Obama's change message. Furthermore, the poll indicates that Palin's shine has dulled quickly, and a good share of voters don't believe she can do the president's job should something happen to McCain.
This poll found evidence of concern about Ms. Palin’s qualifications to be president, particularly compared with Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, Mr. Obama’s running mate. More than 6 in 10 said they would be concerned if Mr. McCain could not finish his term and Ms. Palin had to take over. In contrast, two-thirds of voters surveyed said Mr. Biden would be qualified to take over for Mr. Obama, a figure that cut across party lines.

And 75 percent said they thought Mr. McCain had picked Ms. Palin more to help him win the election than because he thought that she was well qualified to be president; by contrast, 31 percent said they thought that Mr. Obama had picked Mr. Biden more to help him win the election, while 57 percent said it was because he thought Mr. Biden was well qualified for the job. (New York Times)
According to the article, the poll was taken shortly after Palin did her interview with Charlie Gibson. Guess she didn't wow Americans the way McCain's people hoped she would. However, it appears she remains a star to white Evangelical Christians.

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lilalia said...

The only people you have to reach out to sway are those who are undecided. I'm sure you are doing your best at that (smile). Just keep talking, for there are still millions out there.