Monday, October 27, 2008

Child's Body Found in Jennifer Hudson Case

Update: News sources say police have confirmed that the body of the child found in that SUV is the body of 7-year-old Julian King.

From earlier today: Chicago police have not confirmed whether the body of a young black boy found this morning in a vehicle belonging to Jason Hudson, Jennifer Hudson's brother, is the body of Hudson's missing 7-year-old nephew, reports Reuters news service. The Amber Alert has been canceled, according to ABC Channel 7 in Chicago. Julian King, Hudson's nephew, has been missing since Friday when a relative found the bodies of her mother and brother shot to death in her mother's south side Chicago home.
"Responding officers observed a white, Chevy suburban with license plate number X584859 and confirmed that this was the vehicle that was the subject of the Amber Alert and the wanted vehicle. Further investigation revealed that a body was inside. But can't identify the body pending the medical examiner's examination. The vehicle has been towed for further processing, and the investigation is ongoing," said Gulliford.

That Amber Alert was canceled after Monday's development. King's disappearance is now considered a missing persons case. (Channel 7, Chicago)
Chicago's Breaking News has video about the search and body found at this link. Neighbors in Chicago's west side where police found the vehicle believe the SUV was recently dumped. CBN reports neighbors insist they did not see it there on Friday, after the murders of Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and brother Jason. Nor did they see the SUV yesterday, the reporter said.

CBN further reports that the SUV was dumped not far from where Julian's stepfather, William Balfour, was found and taken into custody. Balfour has not yet been charged with the murders and is the estranged husband of Julian's mother, Julia Balfour. Earlier this weekend, Balfour's mother asked police to stop harassing her family and friends because she believes her son is innocent.

CNN reports that the white SUV was found only 14 miles from the scene of the murders. See video below.

CNN also reports that police do not have enough evidence to charge Balfour, and so he's classified more as "a person of interest."

Last night I wrote that Jennifer Hudson had posted pictures of her nephew, Julian King, on her MySpace blog and also that she had offered a $100,000 reward for the return of Julian. As of yet, Hudson has not commented on this latest development.

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I only say: RIP and many loves for Hudson's family. It's so sad. Jennifer Hudson buries family