Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Whom?

The last presidential debate is tonight. Perhaps I'll follow the live blog at Blogher while watching the brawl on CNN. However, one potential endorsement after the debate may be newsworthy.

Some folks are speculating that following the debate, perhaps tomorrow, President George W. Bush's former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell will endorse a candidate and most assume it will be presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Speculators believe a Powell endorsement of Obama will be blow to John McCain. FOX News has already started an inoculation campaign to counter whatever Obama may gain from the military leader's endorsement, and the network's using Powell's recent Hip Hop dance experience as an indicator that the General's Obama bound.

"OMG! Powell brushed shoulders with rap artists. My god! He is black and he likes other black people too. He's going to endorse Obama!" You see how that goes, as though there's no other reason for Powell to endorse the Democrat and as though only blacks support Obama. I imagine this to be that network's crooked thought path. And yet, FOX News doesn't understand why intelligent people call FOX News coverage racist, yellow journalism.

Back in June I wrote a post about Powell and his thoughts on Obama. Here's a link to that. Coincidentally, the post also mentions FOX news and racism.

We may speculate as much as we like about Powell, but a Sept. 28 CBS story from Politico quoting Powell's son, Michael, says the elder Powell may never announce an endorsement:
Colin Powell’s son Michael, a McCain adviser and the former commissioner of the FCC, says he wouldn’t be surprised if his father doesn’t make an endorsement.

“People keep waiting for him to hold a press conference,” Powell told Politico. “I suspect they might be waiting forever.”

At a recent CNN forum of former secretaries of state, Colin Powell said that he was still pondering his choice for president.

But his son cautions that doesn’t mean his father is mulling an endorsement.

“I think he considers his decision one way or another to be a personal vote as citizen,” said Michael Powell. (CBS)
Powell was a big gun in Bush's administration, but may have resigned because he didn't like the course Bush took later on Iraq (however Powell supported it). If he's leaning toward Obama, then imagine the discussions he has with his son. Political disagreements in families can be painful.

John McCain already doesn't fare that well with military leaders. They aren't too keen on McCain's instability. Should Powell endorse Obama and reject McCain, he'll be simply one more vote of no confidence in "the Maverick."

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