Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Five Myths About John McCain Revisited

The Rolling Stone link for the video wasn't working when I checked it about 20 minutes ago. Fortunately, the magazine's "Five Myths About John McCain" video is also up at YouTube, and I've embedded the video in my first post on its piece about the "make-believe maverick": The Rolling Stone Pummels John McCain by Tim Dickinson.

Here's a quote from Dickinson's article on McCain:
In its broad strokes, McCain's life story is oddly similar to that of the current occupant of the White House. John Sidney McCain III and George Walker Bush both represent the third generation of American dynasties. Both were born into positions of privilege against which they rebelled into mediocrity. Both developed an uncanny social intelligence that allowed them to skate by with a minimum of mental exertion. Both struggled with booze and loutish behavior. At each step, with the aid of their fathers' powerful friends, both failed upward. (RS)
Yes, I briefly visited the halls of McCain's elite upbringing, expensive boarding school in Virginia as a teen, for instance. I laugh when the Republicans try to stick that tag on the Obamas who've accessed their educations via scholarships won with brains, not a papa's bank account.

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