Friday, October 31, 2008

Husband Murdered School Teacher Wife, Another Domestic Violence Crime

With the news of Jennifer Hudson's family murders, election drama, and personal family trials, I completely missed this news story, special education teacher Leah Walsh murdered by her husband. It's another case of domestic violence (reported Oct. 30) as we close out Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
William Walsh confessed yesterday afternoon to choking his wife, Leah Walsh, a 29-year-old special education teacher, and to dumping her body in a wooded area on the property of the North Hills Country Club, Det. Vincent Garcia told

Walsh, also 29, was arraigned this morning on second-degree murder charges and held without bail, according to the district attorney's office. (ABC News)
Some of you may have seen William Walsh on the news shortly after he reported Leah missing, crying crocodile tears, pleading for the return of his wife. Unfortunately, he'd already strangled her and dumped her body.
Hours after a tearful William Walsh Jr. begged the public to help him find his missing wife, the Bethpage man snapped a smiling self-portrait with his cell phone during a break in a lengthy meeting with detectives at a Levittown police station, a law enforcement source said.

That private moment posed a contrast to the public image of a grief-stricken husband that Walsh displayed after reporting the disappearance of his wife, Leah Walsh, 29, on Monday. (Newsday)
Here's CNN video in which forensic psychologist Brian Russell, Long Island AP correspondent Frank Eltman, and Mike Brooks, a CNN law enforcement analyst talk to anchor Mike Gallanos about Walsh's duplicity and perhaps sociopathic nature. Unlike discussion of the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew on Nancy Grace, there are no women opining how Leah Walsh's death relates to abuse and domestic violence, but with the husband's confession, Leah Walsh's murder definitely belongs in the DV category..

Walsh's attorney says the confession was coerced and the police rushed to judgment. After hearing similar stories over the last few years of husbands playing the grieving or wounded spouse after actually murdering their wives, many of us are unlikely to give Walsh benefit of the doubt. However, sometimes people do give false confessions after enduring hours of interrogation.

Marty Tankleff confessed to killing his parents, for instance, after police told him his father had awakened from a coma and named Marty as the murderer. A youngster at the time, Marty broke, thinking if his father said it, it must be true. He rationalized that perhaps he blacked out.

It doesn't sound like anything like that happened in Walsh's case. Furthermore, his taking a photo of himself smiling after the murder is creepy.

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