Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is McCain Already Blaming Palin for His Losing the Presidency?

NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd talks to Chris Matthews on Hardball and says he sees no chemistry or trust between John McCain and Sarah Palin when he gets up close to the pair.

The NBC crew speculates that McCain may already be blaming Palin for possibly costing him the election.

Oh, McCain had better not say that, and I'm sure he won't because it's hard for him to admit when he's wrong. McCain put Palin where she is today and gave her hope that she too may one day be president. The 72-year-old best look in the mirror when he's pointing fingers. Kick yourself, John, not your lipsticked pitbull.

Sam Stein has more on this at this link, but I've embedded the video at the top of this post that shows Todd with Brian Williams and Matthews, sounding much like game over for McCain. Todd says that McCain and Palin look like they know they're losing.

Um, I don't care what it looks like now, folks. Still go vote! Every vote counts. I'm considering going to the polls soon. Early voting started here in Louisiana this week.

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Suzanne said...

She seems to be gearing up for her 2012 run, though. McCain created a monster.