Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Larry King's Debate on Lies from this Nasty Campaign

I also recommend the post at Queen of Spain and the associated discussion on McCain/Palin's campaign strategy of hate and divisiveness. At one of her rallies, Palin incited so much hatred of Obama that one of her supporters shouted "kill him!" The Huffington Post reports that the Secret Service is investigating what went on at the Palin rally. Also, an editorial in the New York Times decrying McCain's latest tactics reports that McCain/Palin supporters shouted "epithets at an African-American member of a TV crew" during the same rally.

While watching the Larry King video, I considered the Republican talking point that Obama is not a reformer but John McCain is some "maverick." McCain's a man who's been drawn to genuinely elitist, non-inclusive ideologies that push the status quo most of his life.

It's telling that Republicans promote the lie that Obama is not a reformer (someone who seeks to make right what is wrong) out of one side of their mouths while ridiculing Obama for beginning his career as a social justice community organizer out of the other. So, Obama's built his life on a desire to fight for fairness, to work to change what's wrong with the system to the point where they laugh at him for such dreams and action, yet they claim he's done nothing to actually fight for change or to help everyday Americans. Hmm.

It reminds me of the argument my ex put forth during our divorce. He claimed in one breath that I was an Internet mogul with hidden bank accounts so he could get out of paying support and in the other argued that I was incompetent and should have his mother manage my finances so I would not be able to have his insurance money should he die.

I am neither, but Barack Obama is what he says he is, a man who wants to see America change for the better.

Perhaps McCain not simply a liar but also deluded, a man swallowing his own mythology and press clips. He's proof that if you tell the same lie long enough you start to believe it yourself.

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