Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain's Squirrely Campaign and Voter Suppression

I have Queen of Spain (Have No Real Solutions? Send out squirrels.) to thank for alerting me and her other readers to this Rachel Maddow clip on ACORN and Republican attempts at voter suppression. If you want to read another response on that subject, you may click here, Voter Suppression 101.

Here's Maddow's video.

In addition to the video discourse, here's the fact check on tonight's debate about ACORN from The Washington Post.
10:07 p.m.
McCain said that ACORN, the large anti-poverty and affordable housing organization, is perpetrating one of the greatest voter frauds in the history of the country.

This is greatly overstating the allegations that have been brought against the group in recent weeks. Nearly all of the handful of investigations that are now underway around the country involve charges that ACORN workers submitted fraudulent registration forms to election officials. Some of the forms were obviously fraudulent -- one for "Mickey Mouse," others with the names of the Dallas Cowboys. But there is a difference between submitting bogus forms and actual voter fraud. It is not voter fraud until someone shows up at the polls pretending to be Tony Romo or Mickey Mouse and tries to vote. And there is no evidence yet of a wholesale push to send people to the polls under bogus names. At this point, the primary target of the fraudulent registrations has been ACORN itself, which is being tricked by workers into paying them for bogus forms. ACORN has itself reported some of the bogus forms after filing them and is cooperating with investigators, since in some states it is required by law to submit all forms that it receives from workers instead of screening them itself.

That is not to say that the bogus forms are totally harmless -- they bog down election officials who are now struggling to process hundreds of thousands of legitimate forms. In that regard, the bogus forms may be indirectly hurting Obama, who is counting on the processing of the hundreds of thousands of new voter registrations that his own campaign workers has drummed up. But there is no evidence at all of the massive attempt to destroy the 'fabric' of American democracy that McCain describes. --Alec MacGillis (Fact Checker)
I'm tired of the Republicans dancing the McNasty or lies-and-more Mambo this campaign. McCain's attempt tonight in the debate to suggest that the ugly tenor of his campaign is Obama's fault because Obama did not go to more town hall meetings is insane. What did that mean? Is he saying that his people are getting nastier to punish Obama for not meeting him in a series of town hall meetings? If so, then it's more of the same vindictiveness McCain has a reputation for practicing and more evidence that his judgment's off.

Obama did not go for McCain's biggest weak spot, Sarah Palin. Really, he couldn't have. No way to win that one because the folks who love her will love her no matter what she does. She could sprout horns tomorrow and they'd have an excuse for her, maybe say we should sympathize with her having headache.

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