Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain's Tongue in Cheek, Signs of a Liar or Lack of Conviction about His Words?

I'm not a body language expert, but I think I recall learning in a psychology lecture or reading in a book that licking lips or moving the tongue around to poke one's cheek is one sign of telling a lie. At the very least it's a sign that the speaker's doesn't expect you to believe him, which may be the origin of the saying "tongue in cheek." If the speaker does it consciously, then tongue in cheek is similar to a wink. If the speaker does it subconsciously, then what's really being said?

So, when I saw this video of McCain from his meeting with the editorial board of The Des Moines Register, I doubted McCain's credibility when he answered the question about lies in his campaign ads. Look at how McCain's tongue rolls around his mouth and pokes his cheeks.

In addition to poking his tongue around inside his mouth, McCain also darts out his tongue, licks his lips, clinches his lips, and has a moment of excessive blinking. None of these are good signs for honesty. He also narrows his eyes and flexes his jaw muscles, which is probably part of the reason Sam Stein perceived him to be "testy."

BTW, Stein quoted McCain saying he's "always had 100 percent absolute truth." Funny, but journalists and others disagree and say McCain's campaign's repeatedly practiced dishonesty. Even fellow Republican Karl Rove thinks McCain's gone too far at times, crossing from fact twisting to fact obliteration, and Rove himself is no poster boy for honesty.

Is McCain an blatant liar or does he have some sort of maverick truth that he alone sees? Does he not check what his own people do and say and the information they feed him or is he simply delusional? In an SNL skit (video below), writers imply McCain's not sharp enough to discern truth from fiction.

I don't know if McCain's a habitual liar, an unstable individual, or an idiot in POW hero clothing. Anyway you slice it, he's a problem for us if he's elected.

His singing "Bomb, bomb Iran" convinced me he's off his rocker, and I saw that video summer before last. I was surprised that he won the Republican nomination because I thought surely no one could see that Bomb Iran video and think this guy should be in charge of the country. With his choice of VP, well ...

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Red Eyes said...

My dear friend, you must be sick of the rhetoric. Your post title would be an honest campaign slogan for John McCain but is there any politician that doesn't lie? I think they all do. A good friend of mine isn't even sure anymore why she's a member of that party.


Have you read any stuff by salman rushdie? See you on red eyes, hopefully