Sunday, October 26, 2008

More than 100k at Obama Rally, This Time Denver

When U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama hit 100K at his St. Louis, Mo., rally earlier this month, I thought that was the last of the enormous crowds. I was wrong. He drew more than 100,000 people at his Denver, Co., rally. The AP reports the crowd is "the largest U.S. rally to date in an Obama campaign full of them" and it's "a startling turnout in a key swing state." You can read more and see more here from AP, but videos below from other sources.

Channel 7, ABC Denver, reports people had to be turned away who showed up early. They have a story and video at this link. Denver's NBC station, Channel 9, has video and a story as well.

Here's a video pan of the crowd:

And here's video from the Obama campaign:

obama denver 100k
You can see more pics of the Denver event at HuffPo.

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