Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nationalism on the Rise?

Some people call nationalism simply love of country, but nationalism is patriotism on steroids with a crack chaser. That's the kindest way to put the craziness spouted by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minn., a GOP surrogate. Watch the MSNBC video below to see what I mean. She wants the media to investigate which members of Congress are anti-American and pro-American, especially Barack Obama and his supporters perhaps. Does this ring a bell?

You can also view a cut of the interview at YouTube.

Maybe she hopes to gain a following like Sarah Palin's, but through The L.A. Times post I learned that even Palin may be toning down some of her rhetoric. The post's title is Sarah Palin says Barack Obama loves America, but Republican Michele Bachmann isn't so sure at The L.A. Times. Maybe someone is attempting to put the "pitbull in lipstick" on a leash after her "pro-America" places in the U.S. comments.
Sarah Palin cut Barack Obama some slack today.

"I know Obama loves America," she said during a brief give-and-take with reporters aboard her campaign plane. She continued, "I'm sure that is why he's running for president. It's because he wants to do what he believes is in the best interest of this great nation. ... I don't question at all Barack Obama's love for this great country." (L.A. Times)
Too little too late from that Moose Queen. Her divisive rhetoric of the last few weeks is spreading paranoia faster than the herpes virus.

I wonder where Palin, Bachmann, and McCain sat during their history classes or learned about what it means to be a patriot in this free nation. My 17-year-old heard me listening to this clip of Bachmann and said without provocation from me, "That sounds like McCarthyism."

"WOW!" I said. And he learned that two years ago in a 10th grade literature class.

I wonder what Palin was up to in high school, and now she has Bachmann shrieking in her echo chamber. Does Bachmann read? If so, why hasn't she heard about Palin's connection to the Alaska Independence Party? (Oh, wait! Why should facts get in the way of someone on a witch hunt?)

BTW, I also heard about Bachmann at HuffPo, but since Huffpo is mostly progressive opinion, I thought I'd toss in The L.A. Times as a source on this story as well.

I try to be careful slinging words like "fascist" and phrases like "nationalistic Nazi," but both have been on my mind lately. It's a good thing I seek out objective information; otherwise, after hearing Bachmann "channeling McCarthy," enduring Sarah Palin's reign with her invocations of socialist charges, and observing the Republicans' voter fraud accusation nonsense play out, I'd be ready to join Naomi Wolf in her theory that "we're in coup time."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you...I wonder occasionally if I am the only one that see a pattern. When someone like Palin questions the patriotism of those that disagree with her, I personally find it offensive. If she weren't so frightening it would be just funny!