Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Evidence that Conservatives are Fanning Flames of Hatred this Election?

The list at the end of this post is provided to educate people who insist that there's no evidence that conservatives are fanning the flames of hatred in this election or otherwise, and the greatly exaggerated claim that racism is dead. I'm posting it because Mata H., who recently wrote a provocative and fair post at BlogHer called Racism is a Soul Eater and God Doesn't Like It Either has been accused of posting a divisive piece.

Like Mata, I have to make something clear: All conservatives are not promoting racism. Some have spoken out against the divisiveness of McCain/Palin rhetoric of late. Also, from personal experience I know that there are whites who consider themselves liberal and non-racist who consistently exhibit behavior that indicates otherwise. They are most likely subconsciously or unconsciously racist. Furthermore, there are people in the middle, neither conservative nor liberal, who are not racist, but there are other moderates who are proud of their racist thinking. (I don't need to provide links to any of the above because racism is part of our culture and it turns up in some of the nicest places.)

Look around and you'll also see that a bunch of folk run around in denial of racism because they only count overt racism as signs of racism and when they see even that call it an anomaly. Usually, those in denial can't see racism in its subtler forms or grasp the concept of institutional racism. (Not bothering with a link for that. Please consult the list below.) My list won't mean much to people who walk in denial of racism. They're too busy talking themselves into ignorance.

I didn't want to present this list directly at Mata's BlogHer post because Mata is making a positive statement, and I didn't want to contaminate that by listing examples of racism this election season on her post. However, I couldn't let comments slide that suggest Mata is being disingenuous in her post simply because she doesn't have examples of conservatives pushing hate in this election explicitly listed. The evidence of the right fomenting racial unrest abounds. Each time a blogger mentions that fact, she shouldn't have to list examples and "name names" because, really, people should wake up and pay attention in their own lives.

However, since the commenter wanted some names of conservatives promoting hate and division, how about Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, the McCain aide who pushed the Ashley Todd hoax with its racial undertones, conservatively biased Fox news and its Obama Baby Mama drama, not to mention the terrorist jab nonsense and the lie that Powell endorsed Obama because they're both black? Hmm, I haven't even touched the racial implications of Republicans going after ACORN, a group that registers low-income and minority voters and leading fearful white voters to think blacks and Latinos will steal the election. Neither did I mention Palin's assertion that "Obama's night like us" to a nearly all-white audience.

People familiar with the attacks on Martin Luther King, Jr., charges that he was a communist, etc., or people who've studied nationalism and fears of the other should see where Palin's heading with her speeches. Shall I go on?

Links to Examples of Racism Rearing Its Head in Relation to McCain/Palin Rhetoric and Hate Talk from Their SupportersRacist Rhetoric and The Mortgage Meltdown During Election Season
Links that Enlighten with Examples or Discussion of Racism and the ElectionOh, there's much more evidence and other great links out there, but I have only so many hours to devote to blogging.

Lest I forget, yes, there are black bigots, but racial bigotry and racism are not always interchangeable. Also, people of color exist who suffer from internalized oppression and so may have white racist attitudes towards themselves and other people of color. Nevertheless, I continue to be baffled by people who seem to think that they can silence any discussion about racism by declaring "Black people are prejudiced too!" Uh, I am black and I know that some black people are bigots. More than likely if you look around, you'll find some black people saying black people should vote for Obama based on color. I don't agree with that way of thinking, and notice I used the word "some" as a qualifier.

All black people do not think alike, and all black people do not automatically vote for other black people. Can you say Alan Keyes? In fact, many black people didn't start to support Barack Obama until after his good showing in Iowa. Some Black people argued that Obama's not African American, and there are some African Americans, black conservatives, who still don't support him.

To lighten things up, because I strongly believe that laughter is healing, I'm posting one of my favorite Steven Colbert videos featuring Debra J. Dickerson who has promoted that Barack Obama is not a true African American because he is not the descendant of slaves. Dickerson in her memoirs describes herself as someone who used to be a "rabid conservative" but is now neither liberal nor conservative. She leans right, however. This video is hysterically funny, but Dickerson is serious about Obama and The End of Blackness, folks, as evidenced by her column at Salon. I get what she's saying, but ...


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