Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Takes Daughter Out for Halloween, Tells Media to Back Off

It's no secret that Barack Obama is very protective of his daughters. As I noted in the Obama budget dressing post, he's regretted letting his children be interviewed. So, it's no surprise that he snapped at reporters tonight as they tried to snap pictures of him and his younger daughter Sasha en route to a Halloween party.
"That's enough. You've got a shot. Leave us alone," Obama told reporters as he walked down the block with his 7-year-old daughter Sasha in her costume on the way to a party at a neighbor's home.

Obama, usually cool in public during a campaign that has turned him into the frontrunner for the White House, did not disguise his irritation when his surprise walk caused news photographers and camera crews to scramble for position on the sidewalk. (Reuters)
The story goes on to say a Polish TV news crew in particular annoyed him.

As Michelle Obama wrote at BlogHer, little Sasha, 7, decided to dress up as a corpse bride. Malia, 10, chose to be an "evil fairy," said her mother.

Dallas Morning News has a photo of Sasha in her Halloween costume with her dad, and The Chicago Sun Times has the same AP photo. The Reuters picture is a little different.

A CBS News blog reports Obama told a Halloween joke at a rally later in the evening that poked John McCain:
“You know, I just came back – my girls were doing some trick or treating and you know Malia and Sasha each year, every year they’ve got trouble deciding what they want to be for Halloween – but John McCain didn’t have that problem. Just like every year he’s going as George W. Bush!” (Obama as quoted by CBS)
A pretty tame joke when we consider that the election will only get nastier in the next few days leading up to November 4. I've already seen Obama/Rev. Wright commercials running here from the GOP Trust PAC, or something like that.

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