Thursday, October 16, 2008

Palin as President Online Game: Best Laugh Today

The Washington Post and The Huffington Post informed me of this game site, Click on the pictures/items in the Oval Office in which Palin sits to interact with the game. And when I say click on the pictures, I mean click everything you see in the Oval Office--flowers on the desk, pictures on the wall, the windows, the globe, the door. Some items you should click more than once because you don't always get the same result such as the door. Click, listen, and watch! is arguably the most elaborately detailed spoof of the Oval Office's possible future inhabitants yet created. The carefully constructed interactive site appears to have hit the Web in the past 24 hours (just in time to be played during tonight's final presidential debate) and pokes fun at Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee. A quick online search shows only that the site's architect has taken pains to cloak him or herself. But this much is clear -- the creator is no Palinite. (Jose Antonio Vargus at WaPo) gave me the best laugh of my day, and I needed one after tonight's debate. You can read more about the game at this WaPo link, and play the game here.


Red Eyes said...

I hope one doesnt have any dream about Palin becoming president?

beingajoe said...

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