Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pressed to Name Names, McCain Guy Can't Back Up Palin's Latest Obama Attack

I've already posted once on Sarah Palin's PLO attack on Obama, an attempt to resurrect her "pallin' around with terrorists" lie, and so I thought about skipping this video clip of a McCain spokesperson with his pants down. But I had to post it!

You'll see CNN anchor Rick Sanchez stump McCain's Michael Goldfarb in the video. Sanchez wants to know whether it's valid to suggest that something is wrong with Obama having Professor Rashid Khalidi as a neighbor and colleague since John McCain is the chair of the International Republican Institute, a nonprofit that's given nearly $450,000 to the Center for Palestinian Research and Studies, an organization co-founded by Khalidi.

Goldfarb declares the issue is that Obama has long-time associations with people who are anti-semitic, anti-Israel, and anti-American. (Obama is pro-Israel, btw.) Sanchez doesn't go into defining anti-semite, he just asks Goldfarb a simple question about all these anti-semites Goldfarb claims Obama has as friends: Can you name another person who is an anti-semite and hangs out with Obama? (paraphrased) Goldfarb ignores that question and goes for Bill Ayers. Sanchez brings him back. Goldfarb can't answer, and uses the most ignorant form of innuendo ever, something like, you know who it is so I don't have to name anyone.

Well, you've got to see Goldfarb's nonresponse for yourselves. Unbelievable. He's worse than Tucker Bounds with Campbell Brown trying to defend about Palin's executive experience.

I found this clip via HuffPo.

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