Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Put Your Cat in a Hat and Earn Millions

Put your cat in a hat and earn millions. If only life were that simple. But for one town in Japan it was.
Tama is a 9-year-old calico cat, who used to live a simple life hanging out at the train station next to her home at the grocery store.

But with the addition of a hat, usually worn at a jaunty angle, she's become a local, national and even international star.

Tama's home of Kishikawa in Japan is an isolated town of just a few thousand people, the last stop on what had been a failing train line. That all changed when the Wakayama Electric Railway decided to use Tama as a mascot. They called her a "Super Stationmaster," made a promotional poster for train carriages and gave her that stationmaster's hat. (Read the full story at CNN and watch video below)
You never know what will bring in the big bucks because humans are quirky. I can't believe one woman traveled six hours to see this cat in a hat.

This cat is the next best thing to winning PowerBall.

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