Sunday, October 19, 2008

Resilience and Brooklyn's Double Dutch Girls

I'm a sucker for a good feature or human interest story and so I gobbled up this well-written article in Sunday's New York Times, The Jump Rope Girls, 20 Years On, about a group of four girls who continued to jump rope on their neighborhood street even when the neighborhood swelled with violence. All grown up now, the four remain close and continue to persevere, raising their own children to aim high and move forward.

This story, which includes video, reminds me of another story I read recently in The NY Times about three African-American young men who grew up on the streets of New Jersey, agreed with each other to do well, and became doctors. I'd heard about the doctors before when I lived in Jersey. You can visit the Three Doctors website here.

We need more positive stories like this, especially during this election season with McCain's campaign igniting hate and fueling an ignoramus like Rush Limbaugh to spout insanity. Last week I think Limbaugh said something like African Americans hatched a "30-year plot" to raise their children to hate America. What a racist jerk!

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