Monday, October 6, 2008

Rolling Stone Pummels John McCain: Make-Believe Maverick

Here's a link to what may be an enlightening video to anyone who thinks John McCain is a man of integrity who puts country first. It's called Five Myths About John McCain, presented by The Rolling Stone. The video is a companion piece to The Rolling Stone's latest edition with the cover "Make-Believe Maverick: A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty" by Tim Dickinson, who is also the speaker in the McCain myths video.

While I believe some people genuinely believe that McCain is honest, I've thought that John McCain is a liar for years, and as I've said in earlier post, I knew he was off his rocker when I saw him singing "Bomb Iran." Add to that his calling his wife a cunt in front of reporters, his constantly changing his mind, and his well-documented temper tantrums, well, ... I didn't need The Rolling Stone to convince me not to vote for John McCain. Still, I did not know the extent of his whoppers until I watched the "Five Myths About John McCain video (which I embedded in this post today, 10/08, because The Rolling Stone link's not working).

Previously I'd studied McCain's body language in video of his interview with The Des Moines Register editorial board and wrote about the signs of a liar, but listening to the five myths from Dickinson I thought it's possible John McCain's lying is pathological. He seems driven by a desire for power that causes him to twist himself into a pretzel of fabrications just to rub shoulders with the influential and to win. A person who behaves like that can't be trusted. It's always self first.

I learned while watching the myths video that I was once on McCain's old stomping grounds. For two years I attended an all-girls Episcopal boarding school in Virginia on scholarship and while there we went to a dance three hours away at Episcopal High, an elite high school for boys. When I say elite, I mean elite with its standard meaning of class exclusivity not this wacky Republican meaning that equates being elite with being educated.

The boarding school I went to was the home away from home for the daughters of some very wealthy people. I was not one of them (my father was a postal worker and my mother a school teacher), but John McCain was one of the elites at Episcopal High and when he attended the school, it was even more exclusive because the school in his time was not just wealthy only but also whites only.

So much for being a "regular Joe," John, who lived a middle-class life and who understands everyday people. But, anyone with half a brain knew that was a big-ass lie, right?

I really enjoyed the myths video's facts about John McCain's maverick and top gun nicknames. If reports are correct, McCain was an incompetent pilot and, while a being a POW is never a good experience, McCain's experience was not extraordinary. Let me say here that I'd wish torture on no one, not even McCain and Palin, but I have thought McCain's emphasis of his time as POW to be political exploitation.

The Rolling Stone
video suggests it's time to stop vetting Sarah Palin and get back to scrutinizing John McCain. I agree.

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lilalia said...

Thank you for the reference and the links. I watched the video and read the article... very interesting. Sure wish some of the Republican folks would just listen to reason. When you hear how the Republicans are lampooning Mr. Obama, it's hard to figure out how anyone can believe that drivel.

Vérité Parlant said...

You're welcome, Lilalia.