Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stephen King's N, the Video Web Tale

I'm not going into this in depth, just pointing you to Stephen King's N, the original online video series of 25 episodes. King calls it "a visual comic book" with "elements of a short film." The online video series even has commercials, and all 25 episodes are up now.

I finally got around to reading King's On Writing, great tips and inspirational. King also has a wonderful sense of humor, something we know also from reading his fiction.

In his interview about the N project, King revealed that he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, a little. I'm not surprised and suspected as much while reading On Writing. Plus, creative people tend to roll with mental disorders in varying degrees of severity, even those who write "happy" stuff. Note that I did not say creative people tend toward craziness, but in some cases that may be the right word.

The "N" post here is a share of information for those who, like me, can't keep up with all the offerings of the Web, and here's a LAT story about N.


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