Sunday, October 5, 2008

Uh, Palin's Got the Look Women Love To Hate? Is that true, Belinda?

I opened up my email today and my head nearly exploded. A friend had passed on an article by Belinda Luscombe that essentially said some women don't like Sarah Palin because Palin's a "pretty girl" and these women are stuck in high-school.

I'm not the only woman whose head nearly exploded after reading Luscombe's nonsense, which is a projection of her own feelings of inadequacy onto other women. Queen of Spain wrote a great response to the article yesterday. I dropped by her blog and left the following comment because I had to let out at least part of my thoughts. Commenting publicly was the only way to relieve the cranial pressure increased by Luscombe's psychobabble.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of us don’t look at physical appearances first. When I first saw clips of Palin when McCain announced her as his VP pick, I was not struck by her beauty. I listened to what came out of her mouth and was pissed that McCain thought women were stupid and easily manipulated. the same way white male politicians used to assume that a black face next to them, even if it was the janitor from his office, was all it took to win black voters over. (I wonder if Alan Keyes’s name was tossed around as potential running mate. Oh, wait. The Republicans abandoned real hopes of attracting black voters a long time ago. They’re going for the lower hanging fruit.)

After I saw how many people were referring to Palin as “hot,” I took a closer look at her physical appearance and thought, “Oh. I see. Yeah, she’s got that beauty queen look to her.” I knew some people may be influenced by that because there are people who vote FOR candidates based on looks. I don’t think being attractive generally loses votes for a candidate.

Bottom line, I’d made up my mind before I noticed she was “cute” and based my decision more on all the scrambling Republican spokespeople were doing trying to convince us that she had experience. For instance, I was in Memphis, having evacuated New Orleans for Hurricane Gustav, and saw the Tucker Bounds interview with Campbell Brown. Republican talking points about her executive experience and her being a "commander-in-chief" were enough to stop my ears. And if I think on it, I realize that her looks say more about McCain’s view of women than it does Palin herself. There are more qualified Republican females he could have chosen. Why did he choose her again?

The more Palin spoke and the more the McCain camp tried to shield her from the media, the more convinced I was that my initial assessment of her first words and her record were correct. She’s bad news because of her views and that’s that.

The only one stuck in high school on this issue is Belinda what’s-her-name. I first wrote “what’s-her-face” and then realized how the phrase could damage her self-esteem.
If you enjoy headaches, here's a link to Luscombe's article. After this, I'll try to avoid talking about Palin. This election's not about her. Palin's relevancy has waned.

However, I will continue to post Palin SNL skits as the spirit moves me. Tina Fey, who some may note is a "pretty girl" does a great job impersonating the moose-shootin', beauty queen that Luscombe thinks women love to hate. What's her explanation for why all women didn't rally behind Hillary?

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