Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video from St. Louis: 100K at Obama Rally

No, I'm not in St. Louis, but thanks to, Channel 5 TV, I've got video of the crowd, 100,000 people at today's Obama 2008 rally. But first, here's a still photo that I saw at HuffPo from the same event.

(Click this link for a larger view of photo above.)

After reading about the hate being pushed lately at Republican events and their crowds of less than 20,000, including recent McCarthyesque ramblings of Sarah Palin with McCain applauding as well as the insanity of their surrogates, I was relieved to see this massive crowd show up in Missouri to hear Barack Obama speak.

In addition to the video, here's a slide show.

Slide show found at

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Kathy said...

I saw the local coverage of the rally, though I couldn't attend. That crowd was massive!