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Who found the bodies in the Jennifer Hudson case?

Updated 10/31: CNN reports that police have tested the gun found Wednesday and they say it is the .45-caliber weapon is the gun used to kill Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew. Still no arrest in this case. Read the full story at this CNN link.

Who really found the bodies of Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother
? Two people who commented answered this question for me on the post about Julia Hudson (King or Balfour) mourning the loss of her mother, brother, and her son Julian King, Jennifer Hudson's nephew, on her MySpace page. That post also includes video of Michelle Davis Balfour defending her son William Balfour on the Nancy Grace Show.

When I questioned whether Julia found the bodies, I was banking on earlier reports that only said "a relative found the body," figuring if Julia Hudson King Balfour Hudson (still confused about Julia's correct name) had found the bodies and the police knew that then there was no reason for them to say "a relative found the bodies, but I guess they were being careful when the news first broke." So, I was wrong. Julia Hudson found the bodies of her mother and brother. She's the mysterious relative who backed out of the house, and this was my response to commenters, who I greatly appreciate:
Thank you, Char and Believe. CNN has updated that information since they first started posting the news of the murders. In fact, in the earlier stories they called Julia by Balfour's name, "Julia Balfour," and in stories from other sources she's called "Julia King" and now she's being called "Julia Hudson."

Anyway, here's the quote from the earlier CNN stories that I remembered.

"Deputy Police Chief Joseph Patterson said the bodies were found about 3 p.m. Friday (4 p.m. ET), when a relative arrived and found the body of a woman on the living room floor. The relative backed out of the house and called police, Patterson said. Authorities found a man shot to death in a bedroom." ... CNN Showbiz from the story " Jennifer Hudson's sister begs for missing son's return."

So, at some point they updated to saying Julia found the bodies and I missed it. (from the comments section)
I confess that I stopped reading some of the articles to the end because it's a depressin topic.

Another commenter said earlier that Julia Hudson must be involved with the murders because if you found your mother dead, would you just back out of the house? I think the answer is "Who knows?" It's something I hope I never have to find out about myself.

And today CNN reports " Gun found during probe of Hudson killings" near the the crime scene. That headline could make you think that the Chicago Police have found the murder weapon, but it's clear in the first paragraph that police have not yet tested the weapon and so don't know if it's the murder weapon or not. (CNN crime)
Police said they recovered a weapon in an alley within a block of where Hudson's 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, was found dead in an SUV on Monday morning. Aerial footage of the scene taken by Chicago TV station WLS showed an investigator putting a pistol in a box.

A police spokesman said testing was needed to confirm whether the weapon was connected to the Hudson case.
Chicago Breaking News reports that the gun found is the same caliber used in the slayings. In a crime-ridden neighborhood, I suppose it's possible to find a gun near a particular crime scene that's not related to the crime scene.

Another commenter wondered why Jennifer Hudson didn't move her mother from that neighborhood. I answered that sometimes parents won't move where we want them to move, but who knows all the factors of Hudson's mother's situation? It's unfair to second guess family decisions and fault people during such a tragedy. The person to blame for the horror is the killer.

You may read all past post on the Jennifer Hudson case at this link. The posts include additional news sources.

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