Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amazing Pictures, Obama's Party in Chicago's Grant Park, Some Early Results

Updated 9:14 PM CST: The Huffington Post has a big picture on its front page and is calling Obama the President Elect. CNN contributor Tara Wall said she got a message from a McCain representative who says the McCain Campaign thinks the race is over, thought so when McCain lost Ohio. CNN is also reporting that 67% of Latino voters went for Obama.

obama grant park november 08

grant park obama crowd November 2008Photos from HuffPo slide show at this link.

CNN is projecting 174 electoral votes so far for Obama and 64 for McCain. MSNBC projects 175 for Obama and 76 for McCain so far, and ABC reports the same. CBS shows 175 for Obama and 115 for McCain right now.

At this moment, Fox News doesn't have numbers up yet as far as projecting electoral votes goes, but maybe I was too impatient. The site takes longer to load than others.

CNN is promising a big project after the break. If you'd like to know more about the Electoral College and votes, please check out Gena Haskett's post at BlogHer.

Updated 8:34 PM: CNN's big projection, Ohio goes to Obama, 20 electoral votes. The network now has Obama at 194 electoral votes and McCain at 69.

Here's video of Obama supporters from TPM TV, and below that CNN video of Obama supporters rushing to get good seats at Grant Park:

CNN has cute little tricks tonight, holograms of reporters, interactive maps that site visitors can play with, etc.

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