Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Band Wagon's Triplets: Astaire, Fabray, & Buchanan

I'm happy theatre2film at posted this clip from MGM's The Band Wagon of "Triplets" and that SparksFontaine posted it with lyrics. It's one of my favorite musical numbers from great Hollywood motion pictures and features Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray, and Jack Buchanan as three baby siblings singing how much they hate their lives, want to do away with the other two, and be only one.

I looked for the clip online about two years ago, but couldn't find it anywhere. The song still makes me laugh.

The movie also featured the great Cyd Charisse who died earlier this year. I remember wanting legs like hers. This jazz number with Charisse and Astaire from the same movie also impressed me as a child and still does. See clip below.

I recall as well being stunned by her performance with Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. Yes, I was a movie musical junkie growing up, and perhaps it's still in me which is why I watch So You Think You Can Dance each year.

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Anonymous said...

Yes--this is a very funny scene and a great film--so is Singin' In the Rain. I had the pleasure of meeting Cyd Charisse in the 1980's when she was a spokesperson for a hosiery line-L'Eggs, I think but not sure. It was a real thrill for me. She was so gracious and just a lovely person. Always very cool when the person behind the persona is so likeable.