Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beyonce on Ellen Talking Justin Timberlake in Heels, SNL, and Babies

Beyonce on Ellen talking Justin Timberlake in heels dancing on Saturday Night Live to "Single Ladies." I missed when she was on the show, but I enjoyed her performance on the American Music Awards which came sometime after Kanye declared he wants to be Elvis.

The Ellen clip includes a clip of Timberlake's appearance with Beyonce dancing on SNL and a discussion of Timeberlake's "beautiful" legs. Ellen says the singer told her he was in pain after wearing those heels.

Per HuffPo, Beyonce told Ellen that she's been traumatized by watching her sister give birth. That caused me to recall that Beyonce also told Oprah recently that she is not pregnant despite many people spreading rumors that she is with child.

From time to time I write something about Beyonce Knowles. I think I'm fascinated at how her father successfully groomed and marketed a child into super stardom. If I consider Solange, then I guess he may be doing it again. Mathew Knowles is one determined man, and his wife Tina is a determined woman.

I'm not surprised that Beyonce strongly believes young people should work, as she told Oprah. She's been working a long time herself.

Thanks to The Huffington Post I'm able to keep up with silliness like Timberlake in heels on SNL and look it up later on YouTube videos. I also read there that SNL's ratings are still high post-election.

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