Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bush Dirties Up Our Lives in His Last Days

Watch this Rachel Maddow clip on U.S. President George W. Bush's last minute deregulation attack on the citizenry and the environment as he nears the end of his term. He doesn't care if we choke in the name of corporations earning more money.

The Washington Post also reports on this story and includes an opinion from an environmental action group:
These rules "will force Americans to choke on dirtier air for years to come, unless Congress or the new administration reverses these eleventh-hour abuses," said lawyer John Walke of the Natural Resources Defense Council. (Read WP story for insight into the pro-deregulation opinion)
And Climate Progress speaks on Bush's move as well:
While this blog focuses primarily on the climate impact of increased emissions, the facts are clear that allowing more pollution increases cardiovascular illness and lowers developmental scores for children (see "Study: If you want smarter kids, shut coal plants"). (Climate Progress)
What a dirty trick Bush plays on us as he leaves! I know a psychiatric professional who believes Bush is a sociopath. I'm not a psych expert, and so, I'll just say Bush doesn't care about ordinary Americans. After Hurricane Katrina, many of us could see that.

This rash of deregulation reminds me of the Bush quote used in Oliver Stone's movie "W," which I did not see. However, I'm familiar with the quote that reflects Bush's thoughts on how he'll be viewed in history in relation to the Iraq war. It also reflects how little he cares about the future of our children and his myopia. "We'll all be dead," he said when asked how history may judge him.

I'd heard that Bush comment before back in 2004 when Woodward revealed it on 60 minutes.
How does the president think history will judge him for going to war in Iraq?

“After the second interview with him on Dec. 11, we got up and walked over to one of the doors. There are all of these doors in the Oval Office that lead outside. And he had his hands in his pocket, and I just asked, ‘Well, how is history likely to judge your Iraq war,’” says Woodward.

“And he said, ‘History,’ and then he took his hands out of his pocket and kind of shrugged and extended his hands as if this is a way off. And then he said, ‘History, we don’t know. We’ll all be dead.’” (60 Minutes)
I guess Bush feels the same way about history judging him on the environment. "We'll all be dead," so who cares? The following 2006 video found at YouTube says it all for how Bush feels about the American people. I don't think the clip of his voice at the end is misspeaking, and the video appears to be inspired by Bush's response to a comment on his performance with "Who cares what you think?"

I won't vote for McCain. I think he's a Bushite, but I don't think he can possibly be as callous as Bush, unless I consider Bomb, Bomb, Iran.

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