Monday, November 10, 2008

George and Laura Greet Barack and Michelle, Obamas Tour White House

President Bush with President-elect Obama
Some days, I'm too tired to blog hard news, but how could I ignore the historic meeting between President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama as well as First Lady Laura Bush giving future First Lady Michelle Obama. Still, I'm gonna take the easy way out, not really write commentary, and mainly supply links to articles and post a video or two.
  • Another great slideshow from the Huffington Post of the meeting. As I clicked through I thought the future First Lady looked fantastic, and the President-elect makes others around him, such as President Bush, look good. However, to be fair to Bush, I've heard that he was quite gracious in welcoming the Obamas and sitting with the President-elect. That's good. He's setting the right tone to help us overcome the bitter taste of nasty campaign rhetoric.
  • A little history on presidential meetings and the transfer of power from Time Magazine.
  • Some Obama anticipation and background at The New York Times.
  • A running account from NYT's Caucus blog.
  • Bush calls meeting with Obama friendly.
  • The meeting at MSNBC
  • Anderson Cooper 360: I enjoyed the show tonight. Anderson gave some cool facts about The White House such as it was built in part by African-American slaves, that FDR took flack for having Booker T. Washington, a black man, visit the White House, and Nixon added a bowling alley to 1600 Pennsylvania. Plus other trivia such as number of rooms (132 rooms and 35 bathrooms). The decorating and maintenance budget is $100,000 per presidential term.
  • ABC's coverage from Charlie Gibson, et. al.
  • Details, details, 11/11.

Katie Couric's coverage at CBS.

Watch CBS Videos Online

CNN's Jeannie Moo's take on the Bushes and Obamas "making nice."

MSNBC video.

And finally, this video about the Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, moving into the White House. It begins revealing the Secret Service code names for the family members. The President-elect is "Renegade;" future First Lady, "Renaissance;" Malia is "Radiance;" and Sasha is "Rosebud." These are public code names that do not jeopardize the family's security.

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