Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girlfriend Claims She Saw Balfour with The Gun

A girlfriend of William Balfour, Jennifer Hudson's brother-in-law who seems to be the primary person of interest in the murders of Hudson's mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew, claims she saw Balfour with the gun that authorities identified as the murder weapon, per CNN. If you wish to read more on the history of this case, try my Jennifer Hudson's posts.

Below is video from CNN's Showbiz Tonight about the case's recent development.

As a different note, ShowBiz is also promoting a discussion about Jennifer Aniston blasting Angelina Jolie in Vogue for telling how she and Brad Pitt fell in love, an affair that blossomed while Pitt was married to Anniston. Yeah, I guess it still hurts even three years after Aniston and Pitt's divorce. Supposedly Anniston vented further on Oprah today but more to say she's over Brangelina, and that her comments about Brangelina's timeline have been overplayed (See video here.). She also talked about turning 40.

Beyonce on Oprah

The talk show host also had Beyonce on the show saying young people are supposed to work hard while discussing boundaries and balance in her life and her marriage to Jay-Z, plus the secret wedding. Naturally Beyonce's promoting Sasha Fierce, embracing the alter ego that I'm sure has psychologists and some fans scratching their heads. She said Sasha doesn't do interviews. She only performs.

Speaking more on her marriage, Beyonce said marriage is more successful when you know who you are first and keep your own life. I agree.

The singer also said she's not pregnant, and she'll be playing the role of Etta James in a new movie. Please tell me ya'll know who Etta James is?

Later Beyonce performed "If I Were A Boy" with her girl band. Taking in her entire interview, it feels like she's doing self-exploration.

Now and then I do a little sump'n sump'n on the celebs. Don't know what brought on the stargazing today other than I wanted something to take my mind off my own stresses. Otherwise, I tend to steer clear of celebrity-focused magazines unless it's something shocking such as the murder of Jennifer Hudson's family members that invokes sadness in most of us.

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