Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home Lost Before Holidays: Sheriff Destroys Mobile House Stuck in Road

Another heartbreaking story of a home lost before the holidays, but the home in this story is not a casualty of the foreclosure crisis, freak fire, or tornado. This loss is the result of a poor Kentucky woman hiring a fly-by-night company to move her mobile home and a Kentucky sheriff's frustration.

The company did not move the home properly, and so the house was stuck in the middle of a highway. After nine hours of rescue attempts, the local sheriff felt his only recourse was to destroy the home.
CARLISLE, KY (WAVE) - A Kentucky family is in disbelief after their home was destroyed because of an order given by a county sheriff. It is something so unbelievable that WAVE 3's Scott Harvey and photographer Nick Goldring made the two-hour drive to see if it was true.

Frances Barton thought things were getting better.

"I bought some land, beautiful land, to give my children a better life," said Barton.

Friday, she was having her mobile home moved when the trailer broke. That left it stranded in the mud, partially blocking U.S. 68 in Carlisle.

"They paid somebody $200 and that is what you get for $200," said Nicholas County Sheriff Dick Garrett. (WAVE 3 Louisville, KY. Read more)
Now the family has no place to go for the holidays, and the mother faces hefty fines if she can't remove the mobile home debris in compliance with the sheriff's time line. Prior to destruction, the mobile home included all the family's possessions. Tragic.

Per WTVQ, "Anyone who would like to make a donation to help the family start over, or to help in the clean-up, they can do so at the Farmers National Bank in Paris." Possibly this one.

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