Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Interview Obama Regrets, But We Love

Update: Some people reading this post have also read Obama Family Obsession, The Huxtable Effect, and Black Images on the screen

I've posted part of the Obama family interview with Access Hollywood before under dressing on a budget. At that time I linked to an MSNBC article in which Obama calls the that interview "a mistake." He regretted letting the spotlight linger on his daughters because he's a protective father.

Supporters applaud Obama's being protective of his girls, but many disagree with him on the interview being a mistake. Clips of it are popping up all over the Net as well-wishers and the curious want to know more about the President Elect, our future First Lady, Michelle, and their adorable daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, especially how the family will transition from Hyde Park to the White House.

Here is the full July 2008 Access Hollywood interview:

In it the Obamas talk not only about frugal shopping, but also about possibly moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, getting a puppy, and how "Daddy" doesn't pick up his clothes and leaves his big bag (briefcase) where Malia may trip on it. Malia sounds like she may be a natural writer, but she doesn't say that's her aspiration. I'm saying it because the family agreed she likes to tell long stories, apparently sometimes to their dismay. However, her mother says Malia wants to be an actress. I did too when I was ten, and my parents worked on making me more practical as Michelle Obama is trying to do with her daughters:
But she wants to go to a good school like Yale so that she can get a job if the acting thing doesn't work out. (Laughs.) Sasha says -- I think she wants to sing or dance. They're still into wanting to perform. I'm trying to, you know, get them focused on, like, law or something like that, but right now they love the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. So I think they see themselves as Disney potential. (Michelle Obama, CBS interview)
.Malia also says she can't wait to decorate her room in the White House, but Inside Edition reports there will be limitations on that dream:
Ten-year-old Malia has said she can't wait to decorate her room at the White House, but there will be limits. Landmark rules prohibit the girls from hammering posters into the walls, for example. Still, they won't have any complaints. The private quarters on the second and third floors are fit for a princess. (IE)
At The Huffington Post, btw, you can see a slide show of how Malia's grown as well as one on Sasha. You may also read my earlier post about the presence of children in the White House again. Plus, CNN has behind-the-scenes photos of the Obama family awaiting election night results. And at BlogHer, one writer discusses African-American mothers possibly getting more respect in the marketplace as the Michelle Obama Effect.
This week the world held its breath as Americans elected Senator Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. In President-Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech he gave a short but moving tribute to his African-American wife, partner, biggest supporter, and mother of his children, Mrs. Michelle Obama. Black women across the country wept at such a public expression of love and respect for a woman whose physical image reflects their own. Some have never witnessed such an outpouring of affection over an entire lifetime. Finally the world was seeing an educated, nurturing, accomplished mother who looks, talks, and shares the same goals, values, and aspirations as them. For the first time, on the world stage was a Black woman that seemed so familiar; someone who could fit in easily at a book club or at the local Mocha Mom or Jack and Jill group. The minute Michelle Obama came on the national scene the passive stance of Black mom consumers changed. Black moms are now chanting “No more!”, and they are putting their purses where their mouths are. This is indeed the Michelle Obama Effect. (Terri-Nichelle Bradley)
It seems many Americans have exceptionally high expectations of the Obama family. Even internationally people see in them promise of a brighter future for themselves and their children. In Kenya, parents have started naming newborns after Michelle and Barack Obama. I'd buckle under the pressures placed on this family, but it seems the Obamas have been granted a brilliant grace.


Anonymous said...

Barak Obama brought large numbers of people young and old out to vote
His politics was so lucid it made the Republican Party take note
Barak Obama is so respected, educated, and smart
that he brought a country together which was previously falling apart
Barak Obama is melatto like my Mom even though he is black
yet his character is so elegant that white people forget that
Barak Obama made the Pope praise him, Jessie Jackson and Opra cry
And soon with the help of God and all of us, he make the entire countries problems go bye bye
Barak Obama will help the soldiers fighting in the Iraqi war
lay down their arms, stop their pain, and fight no for nothing no more
Dear Lord, I cannot wait to see the smile on our faces
when every thing is again in safer and balance places
and that is why I pray to God Obama can deliver
and God bands this Horne, greedy, wicked curse from us forever.
by jacinta lawson

Vérité Parlant said...

Cint, thank you for commenting. I have high expectations for Obama and pray he is protected and does well, but I don't want to grant him sainthood. He's human and will probably make some regrettable errors. I do, however, hope he will be remembered in history as one of the greatest presidents ever.