Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kanye: I Want to Be Elvis

Jimmy Kimmel alluded to Kanye West being God (or perhaps wanting to be God) in the host's opening routine at the American Music Awards on ABC tonight and also made a crack about West possibly throwing a tantrum. Sadly, West has developed that kind of reputation.

Still, when the young Hip Hop star went up to accept his award in the Pop/Rock category, West said he wants the music of his generation to be compared to the Beatles, even better he wants to be Elvis. I thought he was going for musicians striving to make a difference, be the voice of their era, but I guess his eye is on the brass ring of icon of his time.

Kimmel made fun of that too, reminding West that Elvis Presley died in front of TV with a jelly doughnut hanging from his mouth or something like that. Whatever Kimmel said, he seems to have spoken in bad taste, but there's a kernel of wisdom in those words.

Oh, I'm too old for these music award shows, I think. As New Kids on the Block performed, I kept wondering why they were making a comeback and allowed to hold the stage for so long.

Maybe I'll stay up for Alicia Keys.

Update 9:24 CST: O.K. I stayed up a little longer and enjoyed seeing Annie Lennox perform and receive her merit award.

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

I'm a music addict and get hooked on all this stuff too!