Saturday, November 22, 2008

Michelle Obama Did Not Attack Oprah!

I've ignored the hits to this blog from surfers asking "Did Michelle Obama attack Oprah?" But alas, too many people may believe rumors published in The Globe, a gossip rag better suited for lining your kitty's litter pan, and so I'll answer the question for them: No! Michelle Obama did not attack Oprah.

If you want real news about Michelle Obama, try MichelleObamaWatch or search Google News. You'll need to read the news with a critical eye and separate innuendo, opinion, and gossip from fact, but I believe you can do that. In addition, you might try The Huffington Post Michelle Obama page or even CNN, NBC, CBS, or ABC, but please avoid The Globe and The National Enquirer.

Neither of those publications is respected as a reliable source of news about anyone. Every blue moon those rags get a kernel of genuine news, but mostly they use fake smoke machines and produce what resembles smoke without real fire.

You want credible news about Michelle Obama and her beautiful family, then here's some. She and President-elect Barack Obama have selected Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. for their daughters Malia and Sasha. You can get true information about the school at its website. It's the same school Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea attended as well as Al Gore's son.

I doubt Oprah and Michelle Obama engage in the kind of pettiness and gossip promoted in The Globe. I've mentioned Oprah before and definitely Michelle being under attack, and that's probably why this blog gets visits about the Oprah/Michelle lie.

Nevertheless, if you want to read about a real person who's a tad annoyed with Oprah, try this post by Maria Niles. She's a little peeved with the Queen of Talk.

Photo credit: Andrew Cline at Flickr.


Blue State Cowgirl said...

How do these weird rumours get started. And the unfortunately thing is, when you try to debunk them, you just give them more airtime.

Sad thing about the Internet. If it's type, some people will believe it and never consider the source.

Maria said...

Thanks for the link! I have calmed down from my annoyance and I would pal around with Oprah any day. Great picture and thanks for setting the record straight about Michelle Obama.