Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Strategy, Victory Speech, Oprah's Words, Powell Emotional, Jackson Weeps, Parties, Ann Nixon Cooper, McCain

I'm embedding this CNN video on how Obama did it, rose to this historic moment in our history to be chosen first African-American President of the United States of America, but I'm also including my thought from the night of Palin's nominee acceptance speech. Opponents laughed at his being a community organizer, but it was his skill and experience as a community organizer that helped mold his campaign strategy. He went the grassroots route on both the ground and through the web. Here's that CNN take, Right Place, Right Time:

Here's Obama's victory speech from MSNBC

Text of Speech

McCain's Concession Speech from MSNBC

Oprah speaks. Remember the flack she took for supporting him early and calling Obama The One. According to The Chicago Tribune and other news sources, Oprah has her gown for the Inaugural Ball already.

Colin Powell chokes up and again talks about Obama as a transformation figure, a man who's won the highest office in America and happens to be African-American, who closes the gap and unifies.

Obama's neighborhood, Hyde Park celebrates.

Jesse Jackson breaks down. To be there with Martin Luther King, Jr., and now to see Obama win. Whatever the jealousies in his soul, he was one of many older African-Americans who thought they may never see this day come. Jackson doesn't speak in this video, he just stands, weeping, surrounded by whites, like any other black man in the crowd on that historic night.

Washington DC Parties
, WTOP video
obama victory dc

Grant Park parties, Crowd goes wild:

Photos to see, slide shows
obama victory

louisiana obama
Huffpo Slide Shows:

Read at The Root

CNN IReports

Ann Nixon Cooper, 106-year-old woman referenced in Obama's speech and the daughter of slaves, votes for Obama: Link.
Watching the Parade of History:


lilalia said...

Vérité, thank you for all your efforts these months and months of this seemingly endless election. I've so enjoyed your rational appeals as well as the occasional rants. It was a wonderful journey you took us on. The world is celebrating today.

Vérité Parlant said...

Thank you, Lilalia. Now I'll have more time to drop by The Red Tent.

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