Thursday, November 27, 2008

Obamas: The Walters Interview, Malia's Declaration, and No Girly Dogs

President-elect Barack Obama and future First Lady Michelle shared Thanksgiving thoughts for the nation with Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview 55 days before Barack Obama takes office as the first African-American President of the United States. In this video clip from the interview below, Mom-in-Chief declares she's earned a day off from cooking. President-elect hopes to rebuild the sense of trust in the nation and government. Malia claims Lincoln's desk in White House as future spot of inspiration.

During the full interview, the President-elect talked about the enormous expectations placed on him, the auto industry, the economy and whether he's really offering change given that many of the people he's adding to his staff and cabinet are from former administrations. You can watch the full interview at at this link.

Later, Obama discusses his marriage and his relationship with Michelle, his rock. Michelle enters the conversation with her husband and Walters and talks about being First Lady. Her husband interrupted her to say she seemed to have lipstick on her tooth, an amusing moment, possibly the kind that contributed to Barbara Walters calling them cute.

Mrs. Obama told Walters that she's never defined herself by her career in response to Walters broaching how as wife of the president she must give up her life for Barack's goals. I discussed this aspect of Michelle Obama's life in the post "Michelle Obama is Covered in Handprints."

Keeping to her practical parenting style, Mrs. Obama also said she's already talked to the White House staff about boundaries for the the girls, Sasha and Malia. She said they will still have to pick up after themselves and to make their own beds at the White House. In addition, the Obama children still believe in Santa and write letters to St. Nick, said their parents in the interview, which aired last night. You can gain more insight into the Obama's parenting style if you watch the Walters for yourself.

Also, Obama shared that he has a deep religious faith and faith in people as Walters probes racist threats against him and asks how he sleeps through the night. He has challenges, however, other than who may wish him harm and said he doesn't want to lose touch with the American people, is struggling through life without a Blackberry, and is still working to give up smoking for his own sake and his children's.

Interestingly, despite the story that popped up in the campaign from the Clinton campaign that Obama has wanted to be President of the United States since kindergarten, he said he didn't expect in his youth to become President of the United States. He wanted to be an architect.

Thanksgiving Day is done and so it may seem that an interview that includes the Obamas' Thanksgiving hopes for the nation is stale, but after writing yesterday about the verdict in the Megan Meier case and the terror in Mumbai, I wanted to share something uplifting. Also this funny note, Obama said "no girly dog" for his family. At the end of the interview, he laughed at the idea of having a little lap dog as Walters promoted their getting a dog like her cha cha for the girls. He wants a big, rambunctious dog.

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Blue State Cowgirl said...

I'm usually not a fan of Barbara Walters, but this time I thought her interview really showed us who Barack and Michelle are. But then maybe that has more to do with the candor and genuineness of the subjects!