Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oprah Unleashed: Finally She Can Shout Obama on Her Show

I saw Oprah's show yesterday, the jubilant shout of Oprah unleashed, finally able to speak openly on her show about her Obama support. She'd kept her mouth shut to politics on The Oprah Show and supported Barack Obama for president as a private citizen, something for which she took heat. See video below.

Thanking her viewers who stuck with her while disagreeing with her endorsement, she said she understands McCain supporters' disappointment over the elder senator's loss because if Obama hadn't won, "I'd be doing this show from Northwestern (Hospital) with a drip," said Oprah (see longer video at HP)

The talk show queen had some heavyweight guests on her post-election celebration, conservative Peggy Noonan, who voted for John McCain despite doubting Sarah Palin's intelligence; feminist Gloria Steinem, who initially supported Hillary Clinton but rejected Palin; CNN political analyst David Gergen, whom Oprah praised for his calm demeanor during election coverage, something I'd also noticed as well; Civil Rights icon and Georgia congressman John Lewis, a man physically beaten for our right to vote; and Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard professor and historian. Oprah mentioned Gates's essay at The Root, In Our Lifetime, which I linked to in my election coverage.

At the end of the show, gospel singers Bebe and CeCe Winans joined country music artists Wynonna Judd and Vince Gill sining a song that Oprah hopes will inspire unity called "We Need One Another Right Now." You can watch the quartet's performance at this Oprah link, and yesterday you could have downloaded the song for free. I think today you must buy it through ITunes.

oprah weeps on stranger's shoulderFurther, she said she doesn't know who that strange man was with her in the picture above from Obama's victory celebration at Grant Park in Chicago, but he was kind to her and she weeped on his shoulder when Obama won. "Thank you, Mr. Man, for letting me cry on your shoulder," Oprah said.

Would you remain anonymous if Oprah had wept on her shoulder in a crowd of thousands?

Oprah's mystery man Sam Perry with weeping Jesse JacksonUpdate: Oprah may not have known who Mr. Man was, but I did. Well, I didn't know who him by myself, but I did notice that he had already been identified on BlogHer. I didn't realize it until I heard his name tonight, Nov. 6, on Inside Edition, Sam Perry, a venture capitalist and Harvard grad who lives in Menlo Park, Ca. (At least I think it was Inside Edition)

Anyway, BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins pegged Perry late Tuesday night, Nov. 4, and Grace Davis followed up, posting two pictures of Perry, one with a sobbing Jesse Jackson, on BlogHer's election night results thread. I wasn't paying attention to the face on election night, even though I saw him twice on CNN, once with Oprah and once with Jesse, but I remembered the name later from BlogHer because when I saw his pictures over there I thought absently "Who in the heck is Sam Perry?"

I enjoyed Oprah's election celebration show, and wish I could have posted part of it here, but the television mogul doesn't allow her shows to be posted at YouTube (at least I've had trouble finding clips in the past). It would be cool if she'd make an exception for this show, or at least put an embed code for it at her own site. It's our history, and we're glad that she's helped us mark it.

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