Friday, November 7, 2008

Oprah's Mr. Man Mystery Revealed First On BlogHer Site

Oprah's Mr. Man Sam Perry identifiedClick picture to read the caption. identified Oprah's "Mr. Man" first unless Sam Perry, the man on whose shoulder Oprah Winfrey cried election night at Grant Park, was revealed on another website sooner. A BlogHer co-founder revealed Perry's identity late Tuesday night on the women's blogger website while discussing results of the historic presidential election and Barack Obama's win.

Social media rocks! But we wouldn't have known Oprah and Jesse Jackson were weeping at Grant Park without the MSM.

I updated my Oprah Unleashed post yesterday evening telling readers I had just realized I already knew the identity of Oprah's Mr. Man, Sam Perry, or as The Chicago Sun Times calls him "Oprah's human hankie. The news source takes credit for first "public" identification of Perry, but they revealed him after BlogHer's Jory Des Jardins did so in BlogHer's election night results post and thread. However, I give the newspaper props for adding details.

Also, BlogHer reader, Grace Davis, who I also mentioned in my Oprah Unleashed post and who supplied the picture of Perry and Jackson, wrote about being one degree of separation from Oprah in a Wednesday or Thursday post here at State of Grace (Thank you, Kalyn. She informed me that Grace may have tweeted about this first on Twitter. It looks like she beat BlogHer's Jory by 11 minutes PST).

I wasn't paying close attention election night to Sam Perry because I was more interested in Obama and his family and taking in the historic moment, etc. Plus, I was sitting with my mother at the hospital. Nevertheless, I noticed as I watched CNN that the same man who was later seen standing in front of a weeping Jesse Jackson was also standing in front of Oprah, who had been shown earlier in tears.

Perry, reports The Chicago Sun Times and other news sources such as the television show I saw yesterday, is a venture capitalist who lives in Menlo Park, Ca., a Harvard grad, and an Obama campaign worker. He was the communications director of Obama's Silicon Valley office. I learned that the CST paper was given credit for the ID while reading the HuffPo, and only clicked that story because the picture, that's now been everywhere, caught my eye. I thought, "Hmm, there he is again."

Oprah didn't know who he was and said so on her Unleashed show. People were already wondering who the man was in blogs, and so when it turned out Oprah didn't know either, folks really got curious. She said Mr. Man (Perry) had been nice to her, and now we know more about him.
A former reporter with Reuters and UPI, Perry is a Harvard graduate with a passion for hockey, photography and soccer. He is also fluent in Swedish and has studied Russian and Latin.

Giselle Schmitz, regional field director for the Obama campaign, described Perry as a "tremendous asset to the organization."

"He's a great, great supporter," she said. "He did a ton of work on the campaign."

Schmitz said she and other Obama supporters watching the results Tuesday night saw Perry and instantly recognized him.

"We all saw him right away," she said. "It was great." (CST)
Perry will be on Oprah Winfrey's show this afternoon. You had to see that coming. :-) But he's already had to change his telephone number, reports News Day. I guess Jory Des Jardins recognized him also because people in California who've supported Obama or followed the campaign seem to know Perry, either that or Grace and Jory know him from the Web 2.0 conference. Well, we're all known by someone else. It sounds like Perry is very low-key, not clamoring for the spotlight.

And here's CNN video about Perry as "human hanky" (hankie).

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